Monday, July 17, 2017

Hey, Trump Administration, "Cut Taxes Already!"

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Trump administration has been among the most active White Houses, if not the most active, since World War II.  One of his campaign promises was to cut taxes, and reform the tax code.  While, as a constitutionalist, I would like to see the elimination of direct taxation and return it to the way it was before the 16th Amendment where the people were indirectly taxed because the budget went to the State legislatures for funding, any move in that direction with a reduction of taxes against all citizens, including those who are very successful, is a move in the right direction.

Basic economics is all about supply and demand, and those principles also apply to taxation.  Cutting taxes reduces the penalty for working and producing, which encourages more working and producing.  Cut the cost of doing business and you get more business, which in the long run increases revenue.  Tax cuts are not a cut in revenue as the Democrats scream.  That said, the primary problem is not whether or not the federal government has enough revenue, the concern is about how much the federal government spends.  85% of federal  spending is unconstitutional, and/or repetitious.

As for the claim that the Democrats are for the poor, that is completely false.  Their policies hurt the poor, as does their tax policies.  Economic poverty is defeated by economic growth, not the expansion of benefits programs.  Reduce taxes and invigorate the free market, and all Americans begin to prosper.

Trying to tax the wealthy more heavily is a communist strategy, commonly associated with the redistribution of wealth, a policy that fails every time it is tried, resulting in hunger and devastation of a society.

Have you ever been hired for a job by a poor person?

Here's some of the links regarding what the media has to say about the looming possibility of tax reform by the Trump administration:

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