Saturday, July 22, 2017

Marxist Black Lives Matter Strike in Minnesota

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

There is a fine line between "We the People", and "Mob Rule."  The first is a republic, the second is democracy.  While I believe the voice of the people is important, as with any part of government, it is important that the people abide by the rule of law.  We must be reasonable, responsible, and act in a manner established within the restraints of the law of the land and the basic morals of social order.

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist-based movement.  They have no respect for the republic, and spit on the rule of law.  While in an orderly society based on Natural Rights the right to assemble and protest exists, it is expected to be in a peaceable manner.  Today's leftists believe that force, anger, and destruction is the way to protest, and that is what edges them closer to mob-rule, chaos, and being guilty of the treasonous desire of overthrowing our government as it stands on the U.S. Constitution.

Victimhood is all the rage, and they are pushing the envelope closer and closer to the edge.  In Minneapolis, Minnesota, after the shooting of an Australian woman by a police officer on July 15, Mayor Betsy Hodges took to the podium to announce the resignation of Minneapolis Police Chief Jane Harteau.  The mob then took over the news conference violently and chaotically.

A protester began shouting and edging closer to the mayor.

“We do not want you as the mayor," a man said to Hodges. "We do not want you as the mayor of Minneapolis! You have been ineffective. We do not want you as the mayor, Betsy Hodges!”

Hodges initially attempted to engage the protester, saying she would be “happy to sit down and talk with people about the future of policing in Minneapolis.” But the protester continued to yell while others in attendance joined in to escalate the chaos.

Hodges eventually walked away and left the room without continuing her announcement as the protesters began cheering before taking turns to make their own remarks.

The mayor returned to the podium approximately 30 minutes later - once the room had cleared - to complete her comments and to address the concerns brought up by the protesters.

The shooting death of 40-year-old Justine Damond occurred when after police responded to a 911 call, Damond approached the police car and the officer in the passenger seat, Mohamed Noor, then fired his weapon through the open driver’s side window.

The mob may very well be correct in their anger.  The shooting, based on the evidence, seems to be uncalled for.  Harteau admitted the actions of Officer Noor “go against who we are in the department” and against how officers are trained.

Mob-rule, however, is not the way to resolve the situation.  

Mayor Hodges announced that she would nominate Assistant Chief Medaria Arradondo to replace Harteau.

Arradondo, who is African-American, joined the department as a patrol officer in 1989. He had been Harteau's chief of staff before becoming assistant chief in April.

His nomination requires City Council confirmation.

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