Friday, July 21, 2017

Sean Spicer Calls it Quits

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The media has been trying to advance the narrative that the Trump administration is in disarray, while President Donald Trump has been proclaiming his White House runs like a well-oiled machine.  With the sudden resignation of Sean Spicer, Trump's White House Press Secretary, public opinion may begin leaning towards the mainstream media's version of the situation.

Spicer began battling with the media from the very beginning, and I believe he did a very good job in getting out the president's message, while not allowing the media to bully him, or allowing the media to make a spectacle of him.  

Of late, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been carrying the load, leading folks to wonder what Spicer was up to.  When asked, Sarah responded he had other duties to carry out, as well.

According to three White House officials, however, this morning Mr. Spicer called it quits.  His resignation follows New York financier and former Trump campaign fundraiser Anthony Scaramucci accepting the position as White House communications director.  A top official has stated that Trump wanted Spicer to remain on board, but Spicer resigned.

President Barack Obama went through three press secretaries, with his first, Robert Gibbs, lasting a couple years before stepping down.

George W. Bush went through five press secretaries, as did Bill Clinton.  Democrat President Clinton's first press secretary, George Stephanopoulos, lasted only 138 days.  Sean Spicer lasted 182 days.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders now slips into the spot, and while she, like Spicer, does not put up with the liberal media's bull, the reporters don't view her as being as tumultuous as Spicer.

Spicer's resignation comes as a surprise to most staffers.  Scaramucci's hiring, however, seemed to be the final straw for Spicer.

The timing may be a coincidence, but Spicer may also have either a professional reason to run off, or a fear that he might have to babysit Scaramucci had he of stayed on.  Scaramucci's experience in Washington is minimal.  Whatever the reason, Spicer's resignation also causes another job loss. . . Melissa McCarthy, who impersonates him on Saturday Night Live.

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