Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Al Gore Fails Again

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

As Americans have largely come to the conclusion that man-made climate change hysteria is likely a political ruse, because all true science signs shows that, while global temperatures do change, it's a result of natural influences, not man-made ones, the Al Gore faithful are still trying to do what they can to push the leftist's mythical B.S. that is actually a political power grab.

Convinced they still have the younger generation tightly packed into their environmentalist party van, the climate change snake-oil salesmen have another movie to peddle.  Al Gore’s AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL.

Funny thing is, the movie has flopped.

Like the first inconvenient environmental nightmare presented by the former U.S. Vice President, and presidential candidate who claims he was the victim of a hanging chad, the "evidence" presented in this latest film installment of Gore's fantastical world of environmentalism porn is questionable.  Many of the claims have already been refuted or disputed.  That said, the scary nature of "the world is doomed if you do nothing about it" application is well played.  It is, if one is capable of unscrewing their brain and suspending reality, an alarming presentation.

As before, Al Gore is claiming that global temperatures are rising too quickly, causing flooding, droughts and wildfires.  Bigger storms are the result of climate change.  No storms is the result of climate change.  Heat waves, and cooling trends are both considered to be the result of man-made global warming, uh, errr, I mean, climate change.

What a racket!  Basically, no matter what the weather does, according to the Gore-faithful, it proves man-made climate change to be right.

Never mind that over a hundred predictions made in the 1990s by Gore, and his ilk, never came to pass.  Besides, since those alarming predictions in the 1990s, the global temperature has actually stabilized, and has been on a downward trend.

As before, the big bad blame is considered to be an increase in carbon dioxide emissions.  Never mind that carbon dioxide is essential to plant life, or that it has been proven that carbon dioxide increases and decreases in nature lags behind the change in temperature. . . not the other way around as Gore claims.

Besides, if the bleeding heart of the hard-left Democrat was truly desirous of his other campaigns, like helping the poor, and feeding the hungry, shouldn't he want warming?  After all, an increase in temperature and carbon dioxide, according to their theories, would increase agricultural production by increasing agricultural growth, and by expanding the presence of lands available to grow food.

The fantasy, of course, is false.  Glacier ice has actually been increasing in Greenland, and the ice shelf has been expanding in Antarctica.  

Hey, I've got an idea.  How about Al Gore publicly debate scientists who he claims are "climate change deniers."

Oh, wait, it turns out the offer has been made, and Gore has refused to enter into such a debate.

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