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McCain's Amnesty Proves Me Right

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
Last month, during the middle of July, I got into a heated conversation on Facebook about who the better man is, John McCain, or Donald Trump.  I said Trump, and my debate mate about hit the floor.  She defended McCain's military service as proving he was the better man, and I basically said that being a war hero does not make someone a good politician.  In my opinion, while I respect McCain's service, and his POW story, as a politician, he is a severe disappointment.

In recent news, it is being reported that John McCain has been talking to Democrat Chuck Schumer, and he basically told the hard left Democrat, "Let's talk amnesty."

Senator John McCain, the wayward Republican from Arizona, has been promising to tackle immigration reform.  He's from a border State.  It's a big issue in Arizona.  But to talk about immigration reform with Senate Minority Leader Chuckie "Open Borders" Schumer?

Immigration reform is one of the issues I'd like to see resolved. I've got to talk to [Schumer] about when would be the best time. I think there are all kinds of deals to be made out there. I really do.
Brings back memories of the 2013 Gang of Eight B.S., doesn't it?  You know, where Schumer and McCain and Rubio and an bunch of other big heart'd "we just want to be a big tent" politicians got together to try to force giving away our country's sovereignty.  The Tea Party said, "Hell no," and slammed the bill, and it died faster than it was created.

The 2013 effort, once again according to the Daily Wire, promoted amnesty to an individual who entered the country illegally rather than promoting solutions to secure the border and fix the flawed immigration system. The original bill would have waived numerous convictions on the following crimes:

Gang-related crimes and gang membership;
Three or more drunk driving offenses;
Domestic violence, stalking, child abuse, and violation of protective orders;
Committing crimes of moral turpitude;
Violating federal or state drug laws;
Trafficking in passports;
Providing fraudulent immigration services;
Trafficking immigration documents, including document fraud;
Misrepresenting a material fact to procure visas or other immigration benefits (if done for any purpose other than submitting an amnesty application);
Violating student visas;
Falsely claiming citizenship; and
Illegally re-entering the U.S. after deportation

Uh, thanks, but no thanks.  Immigration law is there for a reason.

Hey, I get it, if I didn't live in the United States, I'd want to come to the United States as well.  But we can only absorb so many people, and we don't want people who aren't even willing to follow basic immigration protocols.  If they aren't willing to cross the border legally, what other illegal activities are these folks willing to commit?  Are they sick with a disease?  Are they criminals?  Rapists?  Pedophiles?  Gang members?  Muslim jihadists?

We'll see if McCain reminiscing with Schumer is truly an attempt to bring back the old bill, or if we are just knee-jerking at this point.

Oh, as for my defense of Trump over McCain, with his recent call for amnesty, and McCain's willingness to work with Schumer before he's willing to vote with the Republicans (see McCain's vote against Obamacare's repeal and replace bill, recently), last July?  Here's the conversation.  You be the judge.  Has McCain essentially been proving me right.... over and over again?


Karen Holland And trump isn't evil? Seriously? McCain is a worse human being than trump?
Douglas V. Gibbs And how has Trump been evil? List, please. Don't give me leftist media talking points.
Karen Holland Douglas V. Gibbs 
1) how is mccain evil? If you are going to call mccain evil, and not trump... honestly I don't care about evil. He is immoral - cheated on all wives, cheated contractors, cheated students, lied lied lied, grabbed pussy. Praises dictators. Praises murderers. Lied about the Central Park 5. But mccain is bad? Lol
Douglas V. Gibbs I didn't ask about McCain, the original author did. Most of what you listed about Trump is hearsay. What he said regarding grabbing ... Well, you just characterized every man as evil because all of us in the folly of our younger selves have said similar stupid things while talking with the guys. He didn't praise dictators, he pointed out characteristics. For example, I could say that Hitler was a brilliant organizer and speaker. I'm not praising Hitler, the guy was still a piece of crap, but the reality is he was a brilliant speaker and organizer, but he used his talent for evil. As for immoral, every last one of us have spoken a lie at least once in our lives, as a child most of us have taken something that didn't belong to us, pretty much all of us have had sexual thoughts about the opposite sex, therefore based on the Ten Commandments we are all lying thieving adulterers. I think you have fallen for the media's definitions of trump being evil, and you are now looking for things to fit that narrative. Now I ask, be specific, what has he done that is evil, and remember evil is a very powerful word. And I am not just talking about words he said; what has he done that is evil?
Karen Holland Douglas V. Gibbs I actually defined it as immoral. I ask you, who is the better man, Mccain or trump?
Douglas V. Gibbs Hard to say, but based on political actions and policy, Trump is.
Karen Holland Douglas V. Gibbs wow. Literally ripped his arms out of the sockets because he wouldn't leave his men... and then trump called him a loser for being captured. Is this what we've come to? Wow
Douglas V. Gibbs As I stated, based on political actions and policy. McCain may have been a brave and courageous man serving in the military, but that does not Influence my opinion of his political actions.
Douglas V. Gibbs Karen Holland, what you have done is decide that one man is a better politician because he was captured and survived torture, and that the other man cannot be a good politician because of a handful of hearsay accusations made by a media that hates him. A brave veteran does not make a great politician always, because it's about the character of the individual from a political standpoint, Not In the Heat of battle or in a POW camp. Bad political policy is bad political policy no matter who they are, and when it comes to political actions in policy, Trump is the better man. Let's stick to the context of the discussion, and not go around saying that just because someone can survive in A POW Camp that somehow makes them a good politician.
Karen Holland Douglas V. Gibbs no. It does make him a good man. And the way trump behaves makes him a great politician and a bad man. I just cannot comprehend anyone calling John McCain evil. Nor can I stomach the concept that Trump is a better American or a better person. That is beyond comprehension
Douglas V. Gibbs McCain's service and what he went through is commendable. Many military veterans have their own stories, and they are each good men in regards to what they went through. But, when it comes to political philosophy, political actions, and a political record, none of what they went through in the military matters. It is a different world. The political realm is based on political decisions. Based on his political decisions McCain is an evil individual. His disregard for the rule of law and the United States Constitution, while rubbing elbows with the Democratic socialists of America and other enemies of the Republic, is appalling. I get it, he was a war hero, Alexander Hamilton was a war hero from the American Revolution, but his political ideas were very different than what the rest of the founding fathers wanted, and that's why his ideas were rejected and most of his writings are not in line with what the founders wanted, therefore cannot be trusted. Does that mean that Hamilton was an evil man all the way across the board? No. He was a war hero. He loved America. But his idea of a political system for this country was very dangerous, and right in line with what today's left believes. While Donald Trump is not perfect, and he has not led a perfect life, nor has any of us, I do believe that at this stage in his life he does want to do what is best for America, and so far his policies have for the most part been beneficial to our system. His political philosophies as he has expressed them are heads and tails better than anything McCain has said, done, or voted for. Do I hate everything about McCain? Of course not. Every once in awhile he says or does things that fit what I believe. But, more often than not he is on the wrong side of the issues. War hero or not, I am judging these men not based on their history before they held office, but by their accomplishments, and philosophies provided now in the political Realm. So to ask a question like you did on if one is evil and the other is not, or if one is more of a good man over the other, and then base it on things that has nothing to do with the political Realm is dishonest, and that is the reason why I decided to respond to you. I want you to understand the dishonesty of your take on this. War hero or not, it doesn't make for a good politician automatically. In the case of McCain, more often than not, he is on the wrong side of the issues. I judge politicians by what they say, how they vote, and what their actions are. I also determine what I think of them based on who they surround themselves with, and who they spend their time trying to align with. Based on those parameters, Trump is the better man, and is more in line with what I would like to see from a constitutional point of view. Does Donald Trump understand the Constitution? Not necessarily. But most of what he has been doing is within constitutional authorities. Trust me, whenever he's outside that, I will write about it. But I will also write about it when he is within his constitutional authorities. For example, the travel ban executive orders were completely within his constitutional Authority, and the courts were outside the rule of law and outside the Constitution, and there is nothing in the Constitution that allows them to strike down an executive order. They do not have that Authority. Unfortunately, the world we live in has come to believe they do, and that is a large part of our problem. As for your accusations against Trump because of a few alleged actions or words that lacked what we would hope from the man that he committed long before he was President, people grow. Surely, you are not the same person today that you were when you were younger, right? Most of what is being alleged is hearsay, anyway. Stuff is being made up, and you are falling for it. How does it feel to be played by the liberal left media?
Jim Graybeal Very good analysis by mr Gibbs.
Karen Holland What specifically has McCain done?
Karen Holland Never mind.
Douglas V. Gibbs Karen Holland, McCain has historically voted against tax cuts, his economics record is wishy washy. While I agree with free trade if it has smart provisions included in the agreement, McCain votes in favor of free trade agreements that fosters globalism and international organizational oversight by countries who consider themselves enemies of the United States. McCain has often criticized players in the free market. He has co-sponsored a number of bills allowing unconstitutional federal intrusion into the market. McCain has voted in favor of gender equal pay bills, which, on the surface sound great, but opens Pandora's Box allowing federal control to deepen. There is a gap in pay between men and women in the workforce, but not because of sexist employers, but because in general women in America choose lower paying jobs, and often pass up promotions so as to not reduce their time available to spend with their families. McCain has wavered regarding his support for Israel, so few are clear on exactly where he stands on the issue. McCain was a part of limiting free speech through donor money with the McCain-Feingold Act. McCain's stance of energy policies flip-flop. McCain believes and supports the Climate Change myth, and has actively sought legislation to secure limits on Americans on issues associated with the myth. McCain favors unconstitutional federal limits on emissions, an issue that can only legally be regulated by the States. McCain has voted in support of surveillance on Americans. McCain is on the wrong side of the illegal alien issue consistently. He supports embryonic stem cell research, calling into question his position on the sanctity of life. In May he voted with the Democrats to save the Obama-era environmental rule.
According to, he votes with the GOP only about 76% of the time. That said, McCain ranks among the less conservative Republicans in Congress, but is not liberal enough to make it as a Democrat. McCain has been a vocal opponent to President Trump, but has been willing to give in on a few issues, such as siding with Trump regarding North Korea.


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