Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Military Effectiveness Report Goes Against Social Engineering

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I have written time and time again that the military is all about training and efficiency.  The goal of the military is not to be a laboratory for social engineering, but to be the most effective fighting force with the least amount of distractions.  That is why females, homosexuals and transgender persons should not participate in combat operations.  Not because they are not capable of fighting, but because without them as a distraction the fighting force is more efficient.  And, in the case of women, in addition to the distractions caused by their presence, because the reality is men are better equipped both physically and mentally in live-fight situations.

However, for most, that is simply my humble opinion, and my opposition refuses to accept my position.  So, it is necessary to seek out evidence to prove my position.

A recent test proved exactly my position.

The reasoning to conduct the test was simply because, despite one's opinion, it needed to be researched if the decision made during the Obama era to lift the military ban on women serving in combat was a decision that benefited military effectiveness.

A year-long experiment called the Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force, in which 400 Marines—100 of them female—trained for combat together and then undertook a simulated deployment, with every facet of their experience measured and scrutinized, was conducted.  The Corps’ summary of the experiment, posted online by NPR, concluded that combat teams were less effective when they included women.

The thing is, the report is actually a couple years old.  The "Headline" above was published two years ago.  Yet, nothing has been done in response.  The report has not been considered, it seems, in adjusting the military's operational processes.  Even though the facts say that co-ed teams are less effective, the move to have women in combat has continued.

Granted, Trump has pushed back against transgenders in the military, but look at the idiotic response from the left for that move.

As for women in combat, we must ask if the powers that be are truly interested in combat effectiveness, or are they just a bunch of politicians who want to go along to get along - and that includes the current bunch - when it comes to young women's lives in the military.

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