Saturday, August 19, 2017

Trump's "Many Sides" Speech About Charlottesville Was Not Accurate

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

In response to Charlottesville, where white supremacists and neo-Nazis faced off with antifa and Black Lives Matter, and an idiot in a car mowed down folks which resulted in multiple injuries, and one death, President Trump said both sides are to blame. . . the alt-left and the alt-right.  I get what he was trying to do, and for the most part I support our President, but he was not accurate in what he said.

There is no alt-right.  That is a term created by the media and Democrat Party politicians in the hopes of lumping their conservative and Republican enemies in with fascists and racists.

In reality, the many sides locked in combat in Charlottesville were all left-wing, based on a basic political spectrum that places more government to the left, less government to the right, and the Constitution at dead-center.  Charlottesville was a clash of leftism, with Democrats and socialists and a party mix of off-shoots from each all jumbled up in an orgy of leftist violence.  Not a single person who would be considered a conservative constitutionalist was present at that horrific incident.

To be honest, the Democrat Party owns each and every idiot that was there.  Conservatives and Republicans believe in less government, a Laissez Faire approach that calls for letting things take their own course, for government to not interfere in the basic workings of a free market economy, and localism (local issues handled by local government, not the federal government).  Each and every group claiming presence in Charlottesville has a foundation in the idea of a stronger central government and authoritarianism.

● Progressive Democrat: Increase of central government control over all issues, using government to bring about societal reform, federal supremacy over the States on all issues.

● Socialist: Central government control over the means of production, which leads to central government control of pretty much everything.  Central government supremacy.

● White Nationalism: Created by the Democrats during the slave era, pushing that citizenship and the rights of citizenship, should only extend to one ethnic group; central government supremacy to force the policy into place.

● Antifa: The group calls themselves anti-fascists, but use fascist methods, and call for a stronger central government; Marxist.

● Black Lives Matter: Racist Marxist group calling for preferential treatment by the central government of one ethnic group; calls for federal supremacy over all issues.

● Nazi: National socialism, calling for stronger central government through fascist and nationalist means.

● Communism: Utopia theorized to rise up as a result of the central government controlling the means of production, and after the central government achieves societal reform.

● White Supremacists: Created by Democrats during the era of slavery, calling for citizenship to extend to one ethnic group and for that to be controlled by a strong central government.

● KKK: Ku Klux Klan, created by the Democratic Party during the Reconstruction Period to enforce white supremacy rule and to terrorize blacks and white Republicans in order to keep them from voting; believes in federal supremacy in order to enforce their policies.

So, what do all of the groups listed have in common?  Bigger government.  A strong central government.  They are all left-wing, and they are all cousins of each other.  Conservatism and Constitutional Originalism have nothing in common with those groups.

In short, there is no alt-right.  The term was made up by the Democrats to try and steer the bloodhounds off of their own racist and Marxist fingerprints on American History.  Only one side of the political spectrum was present in Charlottesville, and all of the morons that were present are directly related to the Democrat Party, whether they wish to admit it, or not.

In reality, it was alt-left versus alt-left, and whenever Democrats are involved, things get violent, and people die.

As for you conservatives using the word "nationalism" or "populism" to describe yourselves, or Trump, toss those terms aside.  Nationalism is a leftist construct that calls for central government control, and populism is pure democracy (mob-rule, which leads to mob-violence) . . . both of which are Democrat Party animals, and both of which do not represent conservatism, nor the original intent of the U.S. Constitution.  As Constitutional Conservatives we believe this country is a republic, not a democracy, that government must be restrained to only the authorities granted by the Constitution, and that all men are Created Equal (that means God's definition of equality, not man's. . . man's definition of equality finds its roots in Marxism, and calls for equal misery, not equal opportunity, self-reliance, personal responsibility, and a pursuit of wealth in a free market economy that can be achieved based on the level of work and talent).

Don't get sucked in.  Don't use the leftist Democrat Party's terminology.  Don't fall into their trappings of messing with language.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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Ticker said...

When he said both sides were to blame I don't believe he made any reference to any group. IMO ALL sides are wrong just as he said.. I frankly don't care who brands them as right or left.. they are wrong. In Germany Hitler was considered to be to the Right... far right would be more correct.. so far to the right that he was wrong and left.
Yes, both groups are factually products of the Left and George Soros who funds them through his many groups in this country...
The only way to stop this is to cut off the head of the snake.. the funding and that is basically Soros. Of course there are a group of multi-millionaires who follow lock step with Soros in funding the Leftist but once his money is out of the game.. game over.. the millionaire businessmen who have for the most part remained hidden will not wish to be exposed and the money will dry up.
The Democrats or Leftist as they actually are today, or socialist .. the name changes but the ideology does not..... are setting themselves up for even larger losses in 2018. Will this stop them... no but it will make them even more irrelevant and they will have to find an new person, place or thing to object to or to use as a prop in an attempt to gain popularity. Their hate and their violence will continue until they are brought to defeat as was Hitler and other destructive political leaders. Will it take an actual blood bath to do such or will it take We The People to stand together and put an end to the ideology of hate and violence born by the leftist.