Monday, September 11, 2017

The Nature of Tyranny and Dystopia

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The horrors of a dystopian future have been laid out for us by science fiction writers, and history.  However, time and time again we don't listen, and now our world is once again following the madness of collective promises that can only lead to communistic horror.

In his book 1984, George Orwell showed us a world where language becomes meaningless because of government's double-speak, and individualism is lost because of the rise of a collective society that uses technology to know our every move.

In This Perfect Day by Ira Levin the dystopia uses homogeneity to control the people, making them as alike as possible, using drugs to stop men from growing facial hair, and keeping the population as genderless and collective as possible.

George Orwell revealed to us in Animal Farm how the promise of fairness and equality in a socialist society means equal misery for the peasants, and an abuse of power by the leadership.  Or, as the pigs were happy to tell everyone, "Some animals are more equal than others."

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged shows what happens when the innovative and productive members of society step away, and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley examines a world where even procreation becomes controlled by government forces.  Globalism, it turns out in these worlds, destroys individualism, and prosperity.

Fahrenheit 451 was Ray Bradbury's masterpiece.  In his dystopian future the past is erased.  History is to be eliminated, including all books that may show any of the populace what the past once was like.  In his book, the firemen start fires, burning books, to keep the populace ignorant of its past (history shows that authoritarian leaders have done the same - erasing history and individualism).

The liberal left, socialists, and all other "progressive" ideologies have been working for increased control by government through the education system, entertainment industry, news media, and political establishment.  They falsely claim that their promise of collectivism is being accomplished with the common good in mind.

They have used political correctness and the alteration of the lexicon to make language meaningless.  They use technology to keep tabs on us.  Individualism is at risk through a plan of homogeneity that includes making people as alike as possible through concepts like eliminating gender differences, and encouraging metrosexuality (feminization of men to the point where they don't even want to grow facial hair, and act as girly as possible).  We are told the ruling class is promising fairness and equality, while exempting themselves from the laws they pass (apparently, they think some people are more equal than others).  Innovation and productivity is being squashed by accusations of greed and selfishness, and even procreation is on a downward spiral.  The past is also being erased, including statues, monuments and books that show the populace what the past once was like.  The anti-fascists act in a fascist manner, spreading their own brand of racism while attempting to keep the populace ignorant of the liberal left's racist past by pulling down all remnants of confederate history.

And we wonder why those under 30 want socialism, not realizing its failed history (because we haven't been teaching them), and authoritarian nature.  They all want to be global citizens, even though the globalists are calling for a collective system that would steal their individuality, and make them nothing more than faceless automatons serving the state.  Today's liberal left is pushing for a one-party system, and are calling for an opposition-free environment - with nations with no borders, and socialism with no dissent.

As a science fiction fan, and a political junkie, I have been studying tyranny my entire life.  The Founding Fathers of this country, or at least most of them, understood the danger of a collective system, and that is why America was created with an emphasis on localism, a free and dynamic economic market, individualism, and a godly and moral system.  They knew that if we swayed too far from any of those ideals, an oligarchy would rise, and tyranny would take control.

That is why we are not supposed to be a pure democracy.  People can be fooled.  As a republic, there are checks and balances, even against the voting populace.  But, we've abandoned those principles, and the enemy has become a domestic one.  They seek to destroy our liberty.  They seek to destroy lives.  In short, big government progressive statism is destructive, and seeks to destroy the freedom the American System offers.  Such is the nature of tyranny.  But, until we realize that socialism is the enemy, we will continue to spiral away from our original constitutional principles.

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