Friday, January 26, 2018

California Launches War on Homeschooling

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
The liberal left Democrats don't blame shootings on the warped minds of individuals, but on the guns.  Therefore, in the case of the starving kids where the blame should land squarely on the bad parents, the liberal media and California Democrats have decided it's the fault of homeschooling.

The news of the 13 children who were starved by their parents, David and Louise Turpin, caught the nation by storm.  They were reportedly found tethered to their beds after one of the siblings escaped and contacted police.  The Turpins’ “house of horrors” in my own Riverside County, California, reminded us about the parental abuse that exists in some corners of the world ... and in this case, right around the corner in a fairly conservative county in otherwise very liberal California.

The whole thing was horrible.  The parents, relatives, and acquaintances of the alleged victims were perpetrators and accomplices and the blame should lay squarely on their deeds, but instead, California Democrats and their media allies have turned their attention on the fact that the children were being homeschooled ... therefore, using their own warped logic, they decided what was to blame was not bad people, but homeschooling.

The Turpins registered their home school as a “private school.”  In California, despite attacks against homeschooling, the courts have upheld the right to homeschool.

But, like the NAZIs in Germany, the Democrats are targeting homeschooling, working to outlaw it because they don't want any child to escape the indoctrination that they could be receiving in the public school system.

Most homeschoolers are under the care of responsible instructors and parents. Yet, public school lobbyists have marginalized them as amateurs, weirdos, and menaces who don’t have the intelligence to raise and educate their own children. Never mind that these children test higher, and are more successful, in the long run.

Democratic legislators in California, nonetheless, are doing what they can to target and dissuade homeschooling with intrusive legislation, such as a bill proposed last fall that would have required parents to allow inspectors to search their residential bathrooms for state-mandated feminine hygiene products for female students.

In the eyes of the liberal left, not subjecting one's children to the public school system's brainwashing is akin to child abuse.  Only the state is capable of raising up good little subjects willing to work hard for the nation, is the attitude of the liberal left.

Since the liberal left sees parental negligence where none exists, they only see it everywhere they look.  They expect to see it, so it must be there.  So, since they are suspecting something might be there somewhere, they send in the gestapo, and the state child welfare bureaucracies swarm over these homeschool programs.

Never mind that the sexual abuse scandals rocking the public schools in various cities are in their own public schools, committed by union protected teachers.

Instead, they turn their attention to the plight of the Turpin children, seeking to impose expanded control over all homeschoolers, launching a homeschool crackdown determined to kill the freedom to educate one’s own children.  After all, they don't trust parents to do the right thing, and they view parents, and homeschooling, as being a threat to government authority.  

In the name of liberating the Turpin children, they seek to keep the rest of the homeschooling families in regulatory chains.  It's just like their desire to take away the right to keep and bear arms from law-abiding citizens because criminal minds have used guns in mass shootings.

It's like wanting to take away everyone's drivers' licenses because there are a few drunks on the road, while blaming it on the cars.

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