Sunday, February 04, 2018

Capitalist Pizza Franchise Chooses Communist Logo

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The raised left fist by the leftists of communism is a well recognized symbol of communism, be it Soviet, Chinese, or any other communist manifestation.

In our American society the liberal left has been working on convincing the younger generation that socialism is somehow okay.  Between academia, the entertainment industry, and the hardcore leftist policies of the Democrat Party, it's no surprise that the younger generation is so confused about the dangers of Marxism.

Never mind that history shows that free and dynamic economic markets lift people out of poverty and creates prosperity in ways that socialism/communism can't, and will never do.  Yet, nearly half of millennials polled in a recent study say that they would rather live in a socialist country than a country that embraces free market capitalism.  Even worse, an additional seven percent actually said they would prefer to live under communism. This means that more than half of today’s youth would rather live under socialism or communism instead of capitalism.

My first thought is to buy them all tickets to places like Venezuela, Cuba, or North Korea so that the little pukes could see what communism is really like.  That ought to change their snowflake little minds.

But. . .

We need to turn this around.  Millennials are turning away from good ol' American liberty because of the failure of our generation to teach them about what leftism is really all about.  Starvation, destruction, genocide and misery has been the result of communism throughout history.

In other words, they really don't know what it is all about.

Which is why it surprised me when I was driving through The Crossings shopping center in Corona and saw this:

It turns out "Rev" is short for "Revolution," and yes, the image looks exactly like the left hand of communism holding the pizza cutter in a revolutionary manner.

Is this yet another way to convince the kids that communist revolutionary imagery is somehow just fine?  It's like the brainwashing has found a way to extend beyond the classroom.

I wonder if the pizza place has an "America is Racist" topping.

The youth is being taught Marx's version of equity, rather than Jeffersonian equality ("created equal").  They want fairness and coddling, which they associate with socialism, communism and the redistribution of wealth, because that is what the liberal left has been teaching them ... and they've bought into it.

What’s interesting is that these same kids love their video games and hand-held devices, which makes them beneficiaries of capitalism.  They eat fast food, they shop at malls, and they have opportunities to reach for the sky if they'd only put down their phone long enough to notice.

Well, there's that, or we can just let them do away with the freedom so that they can finally understand that communism is bondage ... but by then, it would be too late.

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