Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Marxist Possession

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
It is as if our world has gone completely mad.  What is worse is the liberal left progressive Democrats, or at least the true believers and politicians, believe their madness.  What they have done, however, is they have poisoned a significant segment of society.  Now, parts of the American Population, like many of the millennials, believe that Trump is a Nazi, and that America's destiny is socialism ... and they are willing to fight a revolution to achieve it.  They are afraid, after all, at every turn. In school the Millennials were taught that global warming is destroying the planet, and it is the fault of their parents and grandparents.  Capitalism is greedy and racist and creates inequality, and it is the fault of their parents and grandparents.  The religiosity of Christianity has America willing to hate the poor Muslims, accusing them of being horrible people when all they want is peace and harmony in America as new immigrants, and it is the fault of their parents and grandparents.  The world hates America because of our war-mongering...we have attacked country after country after country for profit and imperialistic control, and it is the fault of their parents and grandparents.  Gender roles are evil, and discriminatory, and gays and transgendered people and a whole host of other folks are constantly being discriminated against, and it is the fault of their parents and grandparents.  Women are treated as second class citizens, with wage inequality and politicians who wish to control and dictate to them their reproductive health, and it is the fault of their parents and grandparents.  "But you, children, can change it all.  You are the generation that can fix America, to get America to turn away from its oppressive, racist, imperialistic, and rude rules, history, and constitution."

A 32-year-old told me just a few weeks ago, "I hate your generation.  You people f***ed it all up for us.  If it wasn't for you people we'd be in a society of equality, without religion, without war, and without possessions.  Now, I am not even sure if we'll still have a planet by the time I am your age."

They believe the madness.  They believe to stop violence all guns must be confiscated.  They believe white privilege exists and that on college campuses, movie studios, and across America rapes are happening because of the baby boomer generation, and the children of the boomers (Generation X).  They believe innocent black men are being gunned down multiple times a day by the cops and that the older generations wish to discriminate against, round up, and jail everybody who’s Mexican, Muslim, black, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and anyone who dares to disagree with the Republican Party's "White Supremacy" or "Nazi" agenda.

The people infected with the liberal left's madness are convinced they must do whatever it takes to stop the problem.  They are, in their minds, standing at a crossroads in history ... the very same crossroads the Germans found themselves at during the rise of Adolph Hitler ... but this time they will resist, rebel, reject, and destroy the rising fascism accompanying the rise of a Donald Trump-led new American Nazi Reich.

It is their job to save the world.

They want an exorcism, to exercise the demons the Baby Boomers and Generation X have wrought, when it reality it is they who have been possessed by an evil spirit.  They have been possessed by Karl Marx, the father of communism.  The problem is, they are proud of it.  They are, thanks to the Clintons, Obamas, and hard left Democrats, the new Bolsheviks - but this time the revolution will work. This time, utopia will be achieved.  The only thing standing in their way are the Baby Boomers and Generation X.

In a recent discussion with a millennial who participates in the new "secret shopper" industry, where average people employed by companies claiming they are about determining quality of service, which are then hired by retailers with the purpose of evaluating the quality of service in their stores (where the person makes a purchase in a store or restaurant, and then reports on the experience), the millennial told me that they love doing it.  "I love it when they make a mistake, and I get to f**k the business owner.  All of them, with their greedy profit, need to be brought down.  I hate these people.  I hate their greed."

The world is coming to an end because of Republicans, they believe.  The white Baby Boomers and Generation Xers want to destroy the planet, largely because they hate science, and because of their silly religious superstitions.  The Millennials have come to the conclusion that anyone older than them must be stopped, and the only way to do it is to take away their freedoms, to stop them from using their capitalism to poison society with transfats, salt, and sodas (as they drink their sugary energy drinks), to silence them from speaking their offensive language and oppressive beliefs, to take away their guns from them because they can't be trusted with them, to force their religion into the four walls of the churches where they can't be heard, to stop their greedy capitalism (as they text away on their handheld devices, of which they are able to own because of capitalism), and to overpower them with ever-increasing numbers thanks to open borders and an influx of illegal aliens and Muslims.  They believe we are in a war to stop the next World War, and it is their job to stop the new Republican Party White Supremacist Nazis before America, under the guidance of Fuhrer Trump, sends the world into cataclysmic chaos.

They have no choice, in their minds.  Their utopia must be imposed on everyone.  The liberal left Democrats are on a precipice, they believe.  The liberal left has been working at this for two-hundred years, and the crossroads is here.  They've been conditioning people, and they finally have the generation they've been working to create fully guided by Marxist possession (akin to demon-possession) who are willing to do their will...because they are convinced that they must, it is their duty, in order to save the planet.  They've used the education system, academia, entertainment, and the media, and now their army is ready to fight, with mindless obedience, because they fully believe that anyone with authority is the enemy, and they must be resisted at all costs for the sake of being resisted against.

The Marxist illness reminds me of a song.  Remember "Imagine" by John Lennon?

Imagine there's no heaven...Imagine there's no countries...And no religion too...Imagine no possessions...No need for greed or hunger...A brotherhood of man...Imagine all the people sharing all the world...the world will be as one.

As Trump, during his State of the Union speech, delivered good news, the Democrat Party politicians sat stone-faced and defiant as their millennial minions screamed in the streets about the racist president and how he's fomenting fascism.  It is their time.  They must begin their reign now, or else the GOP will plunge America into chaos.  The ends justify the means.  They don't care if America is doing well.  Their goal is not prosperity and happiness.  Their goal is equality in misery.  A Marxist utopia at any cost.

I said to a Millennial, recently, "In my time I would never talk to an elder like you do."

He replied, "Because you are a pussy.  You were too weak to stand up to authority."

Sounds like the end of a Rage Against the Machine song: "F**k you, I won't do what you tell me."

The American proletariat is ready to take down the American bourgeoisie.

Generation Y, the latest generation rising up through the quagmire and goo, has been watching.  They have seen what the Millennials are doing, and they have responded, "Hell no!  I want to be more like Grandma and Grandpa."

It is time for the pendulum to escape the grip of leftism.  As we saw with the wave of conservatism following the hippie generation in the 1970s, things are ready to change direction.  The liberal left is outing themselves.  They are exposing who they really are.  They are truly Marxists.  The pendulum is swinging, with a blade that will naturally slice off the tyranny the liberal left has brought us ... for now.

I just hope some of the Millennials wake up, and realize they've been duped.  Otherwise, we'll be facing this madness again when they become the power structure, and they are doing what they can to poison yet another generation with the deadly infection of Marxist possession.

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