Sunday, February 11, 2018

QAnon and Trump's War with the Deep State Globalists

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

From somewhere inside the deep state, or Trump's world of political characters and enemies, is someone behind cryptic messages which began to emerge October 28, 2017.  The person calls themselves "Q", and through an anonymous link to the outside world, Q has been posting cryptic messages, beginning with a title, “Calm Before the Storm”.  The person behind the Q identity claims to be a high-level government insider with Q clearance (hence the name) tasked with posting intel drops — which that person calls “crumbs”.

Reminds me of the movie "I, Robot," when the detective in the movie being played by Will Smith suddenly realizes all of the crazy things going on are actually well-constructed bread crumbs, deliberately leading the detective to what the truth truly is.

The crumbs being delivered by Q are supposed to covertly inform the public about Mr. Trump's master plan in shaking out opposition buried deep in the deep state.

Recently, a member of the Constitution Association warned me about my willingness to burn bridges with some people.  My response was quick.  "First, sometimes you have to burn bridges to keep the crazies from following you across it.  I am not here to compromise with the opposition.  I am here to defeat them.  That said, sometimes, when you think I am burning a bridge, the reality is I am actually rattling the crap out of it.  If you don't rattle the bridge, you will never know how many rabbits are actually hiding in the bushes nearby."

Q says that Trump was never really involved with Russia, and isn’t actually under investigation by Mueller and his team.  Instead, what is really going on, says Q, is that the Democrats, more specifically Clinton and Obama, were the ones actually corrupted by Putin (and are now actually under investigation by Mueller).  Q also claims that Trump has known the truth from day one, and has been carefully playing his hand so as to make sure eventually there is an investigation into what the Democrats have been doing, and a peeling of the onion to ensure the truth eventually sees the light of day.

In short, Q is claiming what conservatives have believed all along, but just didn't have the hard evidence to prove.  Clinton, Obama, Podesta, Abedin, and even establishment Republicans who have their head deep up the butt of the political machine like John McCain, are all on the verge of being outed, and placed in orange jumpsuits.  Q claims that we are rapidly nearing a storm of arrests, political turmoil, and (conservative) Republican vindication.

But, it has been a carefully crafted and cautiously carried out procedure to make all of this happen.  In order to Make America Great Again the country needs to be taken back by those who revere the Constitution, and are willing to stand against tyrants in the machine.  The swamp is being drained, but the drain is out of sight, at the moment, and the draining of it has been slow and meticulous.  

QAnon is a whistle-blower hiding behind the curtain, using military strategies not to betray his position.  He may be a he, or a she, or a group.  Or, he may be nobody at all.  Q says his or her goal and motives are deeply connected to his or her desire for truth and justice.  Many false prophets have risen claiming to be QAnon, but to this point, the specter in the political machine remains hidden, and unknown.

Has Q been interviewed by the FBI.  Is he working with Julian Assange of Wikileaks to help Trump dismantle the deep state?
For many, QAnon's "Storm" is merely a conspiracy theory.  A silly grasp of hope being clung to by the more ardent Trump Supporters.  It's a war against globalization, to dismantle and eject the globalist progressives infesting the American political system.  For those who recognize QAnon as a reality, rather than a hoax or bit of fake news, as the leftist media (and not-so-conservative media) has been reporting, he's a God-send in a war that must be won by President Trump.  According to the faithful, the United States system (government, and more) is but a puppet of much larger entities who are pulling puppeteer-strings to manipulate the United States towards a New World Order of progressive globalism.  The puppeteers are international bankers, officials, and members of international corporate entities who see the United States as the final obstacle in their journey to establish a worldwide empire that uses finance, technology and other global mechanisms to usher the world towards an ultimate utopia - one greater than even Karl Marx could imagine.

To fight the Orwellian horror that is upon us, Q is our person on the inside.  He is a mechanism inside the machine that is either ideologically in Trump's corner, or is there because he is simply willing to fight for truth, justice, and the American way.  He's a manifestation standing against Pizzagate (largely rejected by the mainstream theory/belief of a human trafficking ring involving Clinton and Obama that led to the murder and rape of children, which ultimately led to a shooting), against the ritualistic nature of the animals trying to bring down America, and possibly ... quite possibly ... is a true patriot that really does reside behind the curtain.

Nobody knows who is truly behind "The Storm".  We are not sure who is behind the tip-offs or "crumbs".  Whoever it is, however, they are in Trump's corner, and are willing to do the dirty work it takes to take down the greatest threat to American Liberty in history ... if QAnon actually exists.

Q's message is simple: Trump is pulling off a string of victories over his enemies, but in secret; and everything that looks like it's bad news for Trump is actually, secretly, good news."

In short, there is a method to Trump's madness, and there are figures in the shadows making sure Trump's game is being played to the President's advantage.

If false, Q's claims may not be completely false, after all - sometimes the best conspiracy theory has elements of truth mixed in.  If true, Q is a powerful force in Trump's war against the establishment, the deep state, and desire to get to the truth.

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Call Me Mom said...

I am always hesitant to believe anonymous sources. It is all very dramatic, but the law should not require such subterfuge.

However, the law is quite clearly being ignored and, if I am to be realistic, the current world is one in which all seems to be subterfuge.