Saturday, February 10, 2018

Stock Market's Wild Ride Continues

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Stock Market is once again in the news.  The liberal left is screaming that its going to crash, the Trump's horrendous anti-Keynesian economic policies have somehow unleashed a beast in the machine that is ready to rampage through our economic safety like a greyhound chasing a false rabbit.

The key thing about the stock market is to understand that change is normal.  Up, down, and up again is the nature of the beast.  While it can, sometimes, be an indicator to what is going on economically, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and rise and fall of manufacturing are more accurate things to watch when trying to gauge what is going on in the economy.

The mileage of the ups and downs have been greater than normal, with the Dow Jones industrial average traveling more than 22,000 points this week.

They say it's the worst it's been in weekly losses since January 2016, and at one point looked like it might be the worst week since October 2008, when all economic hell was allegedly breaking loose.

Speculation, confidence and perception is the name of the game in stocks, and with fears of higher interest rates, and a slow-down in the buying of instruments of debt, everyone got a little nervous, and the ups and downs reached a fever pitch.

And, I suppose there is more going on that influences this whole thing, too, since it seems political news always seems to be in a maddening spiral, and influential to a point.

The “Russian Collusion” story is disintegrating, and the internal workings of the deep state is being exposed.  Americans are beginning to realize how criminal the Obama administration, and the Democrat Party as a whole, really is.  FBI and DOJ officials, it turns out, have been involved in lying to the FISA Court, and memos are waiting in line for release.

We are seeing, in some circles, political desperation of the like we've never seen, and these people have their hoofs dug deep into Wall Street.

Could that be causing a little uneasiness on Wall Street, as well?

The journalists are fighting as hard as they can against transparency...the same media that is supposed to be the watch dogs for government accountability.

Do you think the media would be acting like this if it had been about a Bush DOJ and FBI accused of wiretapping abuses?

The President of the United States named Donald J. Trump has been creating confidence in the market, and at the same time the antics of the Democrats have been creating the opposite.  Of course things are going up and down rapidly.  The tug of war is a violent one, and our country is literally at a crossroads.

We have confidence and a strong stance of anti-establishmentism on one side, and a rising reality of panic and hypocrisy on the left on the other side.  While Democrats have decided their only hope is to persuade Americans that Trump is a Hitler that must be impeached, the Republicans are beginning to stand behind their President and grab a hold of the tug of war rope.  Congressman Adam Schiff, an in-law of George Soros, is in the center of much of it, who claims we have a national security emergency.  But, isn't it also true we have a personal freedoms emergency?  Was the Obama FBI and NSA and so on and so forth practicing outrageous abuses of authority?  Was not the Democrat controlled and leftist infiltrated FBI acquiring personal information on U.S. citizens?

That's enough to shake the confidence of any economic system, and that crap doesn't even have anything to do with the economy (directly, anyways).

Adam Schiff, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and a whole horde of Democrats, are ready to engage in a radical revolutionary march with a majority of the mainstream media, academia, and entertainment industry against the Republicans and Trump who they claim have placed our national security at grave risk because they are daring to investigate the criminality of the activities of the liberal left Democrats.

The whole thing is crumbling, they say, so of course a part of the stock market is worried and acting irrationally in their buying and selling.  But, there is also a significant portion of the market who sees that Trump's policies are pro-growth, and they are acting accordingly.

Tug of war, back and forth, up and down, left and right.

Record rollercoaster.

No wonder the ups and downs have been so drastic.  Cut the crap, already, and let's let the President of the United States, and his Congress, do the job they have been elected to do.  Let's stop the obstruction, and move forward as a nation, both politically, and economically.  Growth, after all, is a good thing.

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