Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Border Wall Rally and Protest

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Last night I received a call from a friend inviting me to not only be at the Border Rally, but to travel in the same vehicle with Travis Allen, candidate for governor of California.  Unfortunately, Tuesday is among my busiest days of the week, and it was too short of a notice for me to cancel a radio pre-record, and a Constitution Class.

The candidate for Governor of California was going to also attend a debate between him and John Cox in Poway, and then be a part of a couple other events/activities before then heading to a radio studio in La Jolla to be a part of the Pastor Ernie Sanders program.

Here's my thoughts about Trump visiting San Deigo, in the first place.

Today is the first time President Trump will be in California since becoming President of the United States.  It's a good time to come, since the issue that launched Trump to the top of the Republican ticket during the Presidential election was immigration.  A visit to San Diego to inspect the wall prototypes is not only a good idea, but a necessity.

Travis Allen has been campaigning on turning California back towards the rule of law, and to dump the unconstitutional sanctuary State laws.  He is scheduled to be a guest on my radio program a couple Saturdays from now.

The protesters came out in force.  What were they protesting?

I love immigration, but as with my own home, I don't want people coming in unless I know they are safe for the receiving population.

As I told a Democrat not long ago who was angry with me about my stance regarding border security, "Did you lock your door before you left your home today?  I could say you are being mean assuming the fine people of your neighborhood may be willing to enter your home while you are gone.  The truth is, not all people out there are honest and kind.  The reality is, evil exists, and the evil wants to take our things, and take advantage of our kindness.  Therefore, we need to lock our doors, and vet whoever comes through our door."

Here's some pictures of the border rally, and Trump's arrival:

Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. with his father, former Congressman Hunter

Tim Donnelly and Robin Hvidston stand with the rest of the ralliers for the National Anthem

Border Wall Prototypes

Remembrance Project

Congressional Candidate and former Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Donnelly addresses the crowd

President Trump inspects wall prototypes

President Donald Trump in San Diego at the Mexican Border
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