Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mark Meuser, Candidate California Secretary of State, Addresses Voter Fraud

By Mark Meuser

Just finished reading "The Myth of Voter Fraud" by Lorraine C. Minnite. In summary, according to the author, there is no voter fraud because 1) no one would cast a fraudulent vote because the benefit of doing so is less than the consequences of being caught, 2) there are not enough people reporting voter fraud, 3) in the few cases where people report voter fraud there is not enough proof for the prosecutors to prove that someone intended to cast a fraudulent act, 4) there are all these trained election workers who are looking out for fraudulent votes, and 5) those who are promoting the concept of voter fraud are simply doing so for the personal gain to surpress the voter turnout.

An underline theme of this book is, anything a Republican legislator says about needing to bring integrity to the election is a racist plot to suppress voter turnout and should be immediately rejected as partisan politics with an intent to create a Republican dynasty for years to come. Anything a Democratic legislator says about making it easier for people to vote is the gospel truth and anyone who disagrees with them is an idiot and is unAmerican.

Let's break this down. I want to go through the 5 main summary points and compare it with Larry Nassar, the man who abused hundred's of girls.

1. Larry Nassar would not abuse these girls because he has too much to lose because if he is caught abusing these girls, he could lose his job and go to jail. It is just not worth it for him to abuse these girls. As we all know, there are just people who do not follow mathematical formulas of risk versus benefits.

2. Larry Nassar treated thousands of young girls and we just did not hear enough reports of abuse. As such, Nassar did not abuse any young girls. In the same way that many young girls did not report their abuse, many citizens of this country have observed cases of voter fraud and do not report it. What benefit do they have in reporting voter fraud? It is going to take hours out of their day to explain what they saw to the election official, then to the police, then they might be called in to testify (if it ever got there). What reward do they get for their trouble? Remember, if they agree to testify about what they saw, some defense attorney is going to get up and cross-examine them about all these other areas of their life. The benefit to the citizen to report election fraud just does not exist.

3. Larry Nassar should not be prosecuted for abusing these girls because there is no evidence that he actually abused the girls. It is simply the testimony of some child against an individual who is well established in his career. For those who do not know, a witness' testimony is evidence. Just because you do not have physical evidence, it does not mean that election fraud is not going on.

4. If Larry Nassar really was abusing these girls, someone would have reported it. Nassar works with all these trained professionals and one of them would have done something. As we saw with Nassar, too many of the people around Nassar simply buried their head in the sand and did nothing. Just because someone is in an official position, it does not mean that they are going to be proactive to defend the rights of those around them.

5. The victims of Larry Nassar's abuse are simply in it for the publicity. They simply want a large paycheck from a civil suit. These arguments were made of the first gymnasts that were bold enough to come forward and stand up against Nassar. However, just because the accusation is made, it does not mean it is right. There are many who pursue issues of election integrity because they believe we live in a Republic where it is a privilege and a duty to vote for one's elected official. Voter integrity matters because when there is no integrity, we lose our Republic.

My summary of the book is that it is full of bull crap. The author is very biased and he is simply shrouding his talking points with fancy arguments that fall apart under any kind of reasonable analysis. Just because the author has fancy tables and charts and just because the author uses long mathematical formulas, it does not mean that his arguments can stand up to even low-level scrutiny.

This guy believes that there is no voter fraud so he must also believe that the Me Too movement is also a fake and that no man would ever use his position to abuse a woman who is working underneath him.

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