Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Not so fast, Pennsylvania, the counting is not over . . .

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Pennsylvania Special Election between Democrat young Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone is a testimony for those who say that every vote counts.  While we know that Pennsylvania's elections are infested with fraud by the liberal left (and there is a lawsuit in place because Pennsylvania has refused to address the problem), the reality is that in this election, fraud or not, the difference at the moment is 847 votes, with a few thousand remaining to be counted.

While the Democrats are celebrating because Lamb is clinging to a slim lead, and he has declared himself the victor, the truth is the race is still too close to call.  That said, it also reveals to us, thanks to the candidacy of Lamb, that conservatism wins, not liberalism.

While the Democrat Party continues down its path towards the realm of Karl Marx, it turns out that for a Democrat, Conor Lamb is quite conservative.  He's pro-life, and not necessarily a fan of gun control.

While I believe among the reasons Lamb even has a chance of winning in a place that is populated by a Republican majority is because he's quite conservative for the party of the donkey, the liberal left is saying that this is a referendum against President Trump.  The political establishment is proclaiming through horns and media fanfare that this is a wake-up call that voters hate Trump. The problem is, the GOP politicians, as they live in their little bubble of fake news, are believing the garbage, and the Republican Party political class is panicking.


This election is proof-positive that conservatism, if articulated, wins.  While lamb is not a champion of all conservative values, and to be honest I can't imagine how a pro-life individual could even consider themselves a Democrat, it was his lean towards Republican values that has him in position to possibly be the winner of the Pennsylvania special election.  Well, there's that, and I am pretty sure that his statement about getting rid of Nancy Pelosi as the leader of the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives didn't hurt too bad, either.

Well, there's that, and Saccone is a pretty weak candidate, who, if the Trump administration had not shown up to bail him out at the end, would have lost easily.

Conor Lamb ran a smart campaign, taking a page from Trump by appealing to the working class in the blue collar district.  Biden was even excited about such a strategy.  The former vice president praised Lamb for appealing to the working class, stating that's how Democrats can win elections.

Really?  The Democrats pull off a victory in Alabama in a race filled with dirty politics and piles of fraudulent votes in Alabama against Judge Roy Moore, and then narrowly win (maybe) in a special election in Pennsylvania with a conservative Democrat, and the GOP leadership is panicking?

Talk about being blinded by the bubble they live in.

One Republican, Charlie Dent, a Republican congressman in a neighboring Pennsylvania district, went so far as to say the Republicans are heading into an election season with 'hurricane-force' headwinds against them.


And the special congressional election in Pennsylvania isn't even over, yet.  Democrat Conor Lamb clings to an 847 vote lead, with two precincts and a large chunk of the absentee votes still uncounted (3,200 of them), and the Republicans are crying uncle?

If Saccone can win a little over 60 percent of these ballots, Lamb is out, and the Republican wins in a squeaker.

The absentee ballots will be counted and reported in the final three counties between 11:15 p.m. eastern and an undetermined time on Wednesday morning.

To be honest, however, the GOP has no excuse for losing this district, if they do.  It carried Trump with a 20% majority, and is the district once held by very conservative U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), who once represented this district in the House of Representatives.

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