Sunday, March 18, 2018

To Hijab or Not to Hijab

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

After Pearl Harbor the United States did not bend over backwards to appease the Japanese.  We went to war with Japan.  After war was declared between Nazi Germany and the United States, we did not open up Nazi gathering and training centers, and welcome the sale of swastika arm bands in our stores.  We went to war with Germany.  Yet, after 9/11 in 2001, while we sort of went to war with elements of Islam, our overall response has been appeasement, and bending over backwards to assist Islam in their war against The West, and their invasion of non-Muslim countries in the name of migration and refugees.  In fact, department stores in America, such as Macy's, are doing what they can to provide Hijabs for Muslim women in the United States - a wardrobe accessory that represents the exact opposite of the demand for women's rights we normally see from left-leaning establishment - the Hijab is a symbol of oppression.

The Hijab is a part of Muslim attire, at least for women.  The Hijab is a veil or a headscarf.  Hijab is an Arabic word meaning “cover.”  The Hijab is worn as a means of showing modesty, according to Islam.

In Iran, women are protesting against Islam by freeing themselves from the Hijab.  Women across Iran have been removing their headscarves in public to protest Iran's strict Islamic dress code. Videos and photos shared on social media have shown demonstrators standing on utility boxes on street sidewalks, defiantly waving their hijabs.

Tehran police suggested that their actions were incited by foreigners, saying those arrested were "deceived" into removing their hijabs.  There have been many arrests of women following the movement, after removing their Hijabs in public.

"The movement started inside Iran. It has nothing to do with forces outside of Iran." says one Iranian.  "This is a campaign that's been going on for years and years. The women of Iran have long been ignored. We're just giving them a platform."

News of the arrests came just days after the release of Vida Mohaved, a woman who was detained in December after removing her headscarf at an anti-regime protest.

There have been other protests, as well, such as the ones last month sparked by concerns over rising living costs and a stagnant economy.

In the case of the women, they have been required by Muslim law in Iran to wear the hijab since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The women's revolution regarding their Hijabs are now held every Wednesday.  Images of Iranian women, hair uncovered and hijabs held aloft, pop up every Wednesday on social media.

The movement was initially called “My Stealthy Freedom.  Now, they share photos and videos of themselves holding up their hijabs using the hashtag #whitewednesdays.

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Trump is president because Americans are revolting against the anti-American political establishment. The swamp creatures are well entrenched and their lapdog media are hard pressed to maintain the fake narrative. Freedom lives or dies depending on Americans desire to live free or in gilded chains.