Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Modern War with Mexico Larger than Perceived

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Illegal aliens are a part of an invasion force.  Among the population of people coming into this country are those like the folks in the video above whose goal it is to overthrow American sovereignty over the American Southwest, and claim it for Mexico.  Also mixed into that population are folks from the Middle East who want to have sharia law replace our U.S. Constitution.  And that is not even considering the criminal element crossing the border, which includes gang members, drug cartel associates, rapists, child molesters, and any other criminal you can think of.

The above video was filmed at Chicano Park in Barrio Logan, an area in San Diego where the American Flag is not hoisted because they claim it is sovereign Mexican soil.

On next Saturday's Constitution Radio program on KMET 1490-AM, one of my guests will be a conservative American whose ancestors came from Mexico, and who has confronted people in Barrio Logan ... more specifically, those who agree with the aim of "reconquista."

While the defenders of illegal immigration and Mexico's failing political and economic systems work to use propaganda to convince Americans that the Mexican-way is the right way, the reality is, it is they who are trying to get into the prosperity of America, not the other way around.  That all said, there is something much bigger than illegal immigration going on here.

Despite the rhetoric that the "immigration issue" is only about poor families seeking a better life, the reality is that the whole thing is a part of a larger agenda, a plan set in motion long before cheap labor from south of the border became a part of the Democrat Party's plantation.  The truth is, the whole thing is only a part of a massive plan of globilization and internationalism that eliminates all borders around the world, in an effort to establish a single, world-wide system of governance that finds its roots in Marxism, and shares similarities with a long list of Orwellian fears prophesied by biblical scholars and dystopian science fiction writers, alike.

In the United States the influx is primarily from Mexico.  The illegal alien population consists mostly of Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans, fleeing socialism.  Also, mixed into that population of illegals is a large contingent of Middle Eastern Muslims who support a terrorist mentality that is the result of a mixture of Islamic and communist teachings.  In Europe, the invasion is mostly Islamic.  "The West" is under attack, and the "progressives" are aiding and abetting it because their Marxist ideology cooked it up, and is in cahoots with the whole "no borders, destroy the west through demographics" strategy.

A caravan of illegal aliens has recently reached America's border with Mexico.  Hundreds of "migrants", in defiance of President Trump's promise to repel them, have been arriving at a shelter within walking distance of the U.S. border in Tijuana, ready for the next stage in their journey, which is to cross into the United States illegally.

While among that population of people are folks who truly are refugees who left their homelands under the threat of death (but, even then, they should approach America through legal processes and procedures so that the United States may properly protect them, and the receiving population in case they are not who they say they are), mixed into that horde of approaching masses are also those who seek to overthrow American sovereignty, or wish to enter the United States with criminal intentions.

Tents have been put up for the people waiting to cross into the United States.  A U.S.-based advocacy group, Pueblos Sin Fronteras, organized the caravan.  Because of their willingness to aid and abet illegal aliens, the volunteers and leadership behind Pueblos Sin Fronteras should be arrested for treason, and face appropriate charges.


The goal is the overthrow of American sovereignty over the Southwest United States, and to eventually force the United States into a global community of mega-regions that will simply be a part of the United Nations' plan of "sustainable development," which is an environmental backdoor excuse for globalism.

Ultimately, the plan is a global superstate, which began with the European Union.

When Britain's "Brexit" took place, it was a set-back in the plans of those seeking an internationalist solution for the world.  The election of Donald J. Trump interfered with the liberal left's 16-year plan to fundamentally change the United States so that the emaciated country would be forced into the global plan.  Trump's achievements with North Korea, where Kim Jong Un is ready to bring his country into a realm of sanity and capitalism to save his people has the globalists in fits.

After the end of World War II, countries were desperate to join something like the new United Nations because they wanted to end any opportunity for such a war to ever happen again.  In Europe, another club of nations emerged, which eventually morphed into today's European Union.  The claim was that to compete in the new global economy, the countries of Europe would need to join together economically.  In reality, it was a way to erase borders, and begin a new liberal left progressive attempt to cast a massive shadow of tyranny upon the world.

Unity in Europe never worked, in the terms of revitalizing Europe's economic strength.  What did it was Ludwig Erhard's supply-side reforms in West Germany in 1948 and Margaret Thatcher's privatization of nationalized industry in the Eighties.  In short, European growth came from reforms in line with capitalism and a free market.  Individualism.  Everything other than what the globalists were pushing.

For the Marxists behind a global world system, that was devastating to their plans, and to the inside circles, blasphemy to their Marxist beliefs.

All of the sovereignty going on was not good.

Long before the emergence of Margaret Thatcher, Harold Macmillan was the Prime Minister of Great Britain.  He, and his closest advisers, were part of an intellectual tradition that saw the salvation of the world in some form of world government.  He was not alone.  Rather than nations, his ilk believed in the formation of regional federations (mega-regions).

French statesman Jean Monnet, agreed with Macmillan.  Monnet met secretly with Sir Edward Heath and Macmillan on innumerable occasions to facilitate British entry into a European union of countries, of which, eventually, Britain gave in and joined.

The work was accomplished with smoke and mirrors, as is all leftist policy.  Lord Chancellor, Lord Kilmuir, argued that membership would mean the end of British parliamentary sovereignty.  Macmillan deliberately misled the House of Commons — and practically everyone else, in defiance of Kilmuir's warnings.  

They claimed it was a "United States of Europe," and that the United States is successful because they are a federation of States (ignoring the republican form of government or the truly free economic market that exists inside the borders of their prosperous colleague across the Atlantic Ocean).

Going it alone is the wrong way to go, according to the globalists, and will spell disaster for any country that pursues it.  Britain, who has done just fine since Brexit, is proving the leftists wrong.  They are desperate to change the narrative.  The U.S. is already financially invested in the European Union, and one of the political parties, the Democrats, are all in on the idea of a global form of governance.  Now, all they need to do is change America's demographics, change the voting public's opinions, and flood the country with people who will vote for the Democrats, and ultimately, to put into power, again, the political party who is in full agreement with U.S. membership in the global internationalist community.

This is why the left went crazy over Trump's travel restrictions executive order.  The internationalists are attempting to load the United States with foreign voters who will return the Democrats to power, and Trump (and his stance regarding immigration) is standing in their way.  They need Islamic refugees to do the same they are doing in Europe, along with illegal aliens.  They want America to be overwhelmed with foreign voters who reject American Liberty.  They are desperately attempting to separate Americans from their belief that the U.S. is exceptional (an exception to the rule).

It's all a part of a master plan, and President Trump, and his Republican supporters, are standing in the way.

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