Monday, May 14, 2018

California "May Day" Bill Seeks Replacing Presidents with Communism

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

More and more the Democrats have been willing to expose who, and what, they really are.  Marxists.  They used to be careful with revealing the communist hiding behind the Democrat mask.  Creeping incrementalism has always been the strategy.  In California the Marxists of the Democrat Party have no fear, and are willing to expose who they are, and do so proudly.

In California, a bill which narrowly failed, should have never been introduced in the first place.  The sponsors and those who voted in favor of it should be arrested for treason.

The bill would replace either George Washington's Birthday, or Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, in California, with May Day.

May Day is a socialist holiday which was an official holiday in communist countries before the Berlin Wall was toppled, and the fall of the Soviet Union followed.

Introduced by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D), the bill would designate the third Monday in February "as a single school holiday to be known as 'Presidents’ Day,'" something federally that has already been achieved so as to ensure a slot for Martin Luther King Day.  Then, proposes the bill, International Workers Day, or "May Day", would be established as a paid holiday.

Assemblyman Matthew Harper (R) argued heavily against the proposed legislation, calling it "ridiculous," and "insane."

The Assembly on May 10 read the bill three times, but passage was denied by a vote of 27-22, with no Republicans supporting it.  Santiago submitted a motion to reconsider it on the same day.

Bill AB-3042 previously passed both the Assembly’s appropriations and education committees.

There is a history of Marxism in California, dating all the way back to Governor Jerry Brown's daddy, Pat Brown.  California, early on, was targeted as a place to begin communism's takeover of America.  The Democrat Party began to become fundamentally transformed long before that.  This is also not the first piece of legislation embracing communism to be proposed in the Golden State.  A year ago the California legislature put into law a lift on the ban of communists holding government office.

The Democrats keep giving people more and more reasons to join the exodus from California to other States.

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