Friday, May 18, 2018

Corona's Sanctuary Opt Out Deserter, Eugene Montanez

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The good news is that on Wednesday Night the City of Corona opted out of S.B. 54, California's Sanctuary State law, with a 4-0 vote in favor of a well crafted resolution.  The fascinating part of it was that one of the council members was missing.  The evening began with five council members on the dais, but then it dropped to four.  How did that happen?

I spoke to Glenn Stull, President of the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party about it, and he said that Vice Mayor Eugene Montanez called the city council members "sheep" and told them that they were simply following the other cities that have opted out.

What is interesting to me is that Montanez acted exactly the way liberal Democrats tend to.  If they don't get their way they walk out of the room or begin rioting.  In San Dimas, when that city chose not to opt out of Sanctuary State, the vote was 2-3 . . . but the two who supported opting out didn't walk out . . . even after being shouted down in a threatening manner by opponents of opting out of S.B. 54 in the audience.

San Dimas had the chance to be the first city in Los Angeles County to opt out of S.B. 54, but decided to instead be accessories to Sacramento's illegal activities.  L.A. County, however, is not completely lost.  Santa Clarita later on became the first city in Los Angeles County to opt out of the unconstitutional Sanctuary State law.

In the end, the reality is that those who support S.B. 54 are like packs of wild animals, brave, obnoxious and potentially violent when in groups, but when outnumbered they are nothing more than cowards.

It has always been that way, and Eugene Montanez, by walking out, reminded us how spineless the liberal left Democrats truly are.

Their lack of testicular fortitude, however, may be the result of the fact that they, deep down, realize they are wrong, and that in the end they understand that politically truly have no leg to stand on.

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