Saturday, June 02, 2018

A Political Double Standard

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Whenever the liberal left media or Democrats attack Trump, I always ask, "Could you imagine what would happen if Republicans had said the same thing about Obama?"

We know there is a double-standard.  Some things get reported, and some things don't . . . and those decisions are made based upon the criteria of whether or not the news would further the leftist agenda, or not advance it at all.

The Democrats are against Israel, so the media slants their stories to tell only one side of the story when it comes to things such as Israel's dealings with Hamas.

The leftist media is pro-Muslim refugees, refusing to recognize the danger of Islam and its anti-West position, so even though Italy's new government is still socialist, they have called their position regarding refugees to be "conservative" and "anti-immigrant."  They have also been proclaiming 5-Star as being a problem because of their anti-European Union position.  Like with Trump, the leftist media never saw the populist win in Italy coming.  When the Prime Minister then suddenly changed direction, they were ecstatic.

When students at Notre Dame walked out of Vice President Pence when he took the podium, they reported it with glee.  Would the news been reported similarly if the same had happened to Obama?

When Google associated the word "Nazism" with the Republican Party, they refused to admit their guilt, and blamed Wikipedia for the data.  I am sure the guilty parties were giggling to themselves, as it was all being revealed.

The news about Susan Rice's son, John David Rice-Cameron, being the conservative student leader at Stanford never seemed to make it on the air on mainstream media outlets.  It took The College Fix to expose the interesting news.

Same thing happened when evidence that George Soros bet millions that MGM stock would drop, and did so shortly before the Las Vegas shootings, which gives a little credence to the conspiracy theories that have been floating around that the Democrats are staging these mass shootings for advancing their political narrative.  The mainstream media was totally silent on the news.

They were sure giddy, however, when Rosanne Barr got cancelled by ABC for her Valerie Jarrett tweet.  Okay, comparing people to the planet of the apes was not cool, I suppose . . . even if the quip by the Trump supporting TV actress did look like it might have a little truth to it.

But, if comparing people to apes is a very bad thing, why didn't the media get upset when Bill Maher compared President Trump to an orangutan?

How about when Chris Matthews compared Trump to Hitler?

How about just the other day when Daily Show's Trevor Noah compared Dinesh D'Souza to a KKK Grand Wizard?

Why didn't those people lose their jobs?

Better yet, what about Samantha Bee?

Personally, I can't stand her, tried to watch her show twice but it was too vile to keep watching, so I don't watch it.  But, if the Democrats think that being vile and nasty (as they claim Rosanne Barr was) in unacceptable and an unacceptable offense, why was Samantha Bee allowed to call Ivanka Trump a "Feckless C**t," and get away with it?  Why wasn't she cancelled?  Did they care about her being defiant about it, later?

Don't get me wrong.  I believe in free speech, and my attitude, as I mentioned earlier, is if you don't like their stupid crap, don't watch them, or don't listen to them.  The court of public opinion, after all, is the most powerful court of the land, and if we just publicly tell people like Samantha Bee they are a piece of crap for their smear tactics, and refuse to give them any other attention and views as media consumers, they will go away like Kathy "Headless Trump" Griffin . . . who was recently whining because she thinks she's been blacklisted.

Like any other blameless lefty, Griffin blames Trump for her predicament, too.

Is Ari Fleischer right?  Is there an out of control double-standard being pushed by the Democrats?

That was a rhetorical question . . . of course there is.

I agree with Fleischer.  The hypocrisy is sickening.

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