Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids

By Joseph R. John

Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids

We encourage you to watch the video entitled "Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids", forwarded by Professor Jordon Peterson, Professor of Psychology at Praeger University.  The video discusses how, for the last 10 years in the United States, Marxist Progressive teachers in grammar schools, middle schools, and high schools and Radical Marxist Progressive college professors have been refusing to teach students the accurate History of the United States, have been teaching students the US Constitution is no longer relevant, and have been refusing to emphasize the importance of the Bill of Rights, especially “Freedom of Speech.”.

Instead those Marxist Progressives teachers and radical college professors are indoctrinating students in Marxist Progressive ideology, teachings the philosophy of Karl Marx, encouraging students to reject The Free Enterprise System and Capitalism, singing praises of Socialism that hasn’t worked in any nation where it has ever been tried, promoting Equity and Inclusion where no one fails---while minimizing a student’s traditional goal of wanting to stand first in their class, and they continue to  indoctrinate student in the leftists philosophy of Diversity and Identity Politics.  Text books have been modified in that now include anti-Police, anti-Christian, anti-Patriotic, anti-US Constitution, while eliminating inclusion of many of the Founding Fathers, eliminating key events in US History, finding fault with white Americans, etc. 

We encourage you to forward the link to this post and the above video to family, friends, and associates who have children, grandchildren, and/or relatives in school or in college.

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