Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Maxine Waters Too Far?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Has Maxine Waters gone too far in her call for a public resistance?  Should face to face confrontations be encouraged by politicians as we are hearing from her?  Historically, the one's who called for public disruption from a position of power were attached to authoritarian regimes.  Perhaps Maxine Waters should spell out what she means in plain English.  What she is calling for are Brown Shirt tactics by people willing to take on a Brown Shirt role, and communist schemes of revolution encouraged by the likes of Saul Alinsky and Vladimir Lenin.

Peaceably protesting from a grassroots foundation (like the Tea Party) is one thing, but when thuggery (instead of peaceful rallies) becomes the weapon of choice, and the political class begins to champion that thuggery and encourage violent confrontations, that is not acceptable.

Then again, this is not completely surprising.  On page 294 of the book "The Enemies Within" by Trevor Loudon it is pointed out that Maxine Waters has a long history in her involvement with the communists.  Her association with Communist Party USA can be traced to events in 1975, 1982, and so forth.  In May of 1992, the Communist Party USA newspaper, "People's Weekly World," published a May Day supplement which included a call to "support our continuing struggle for justice and dignity."  Endorsers of the call included Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  In 1992 Maxine Waters also won the Communist Party USA dominated Mexican American Political Association's support to be the Democratic candidate for the 35th Congressional District.  In October of 1992 she was the keynote speaker at a Communist Party front Coalition of Black Trade Unionists meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.  In 1996, a presentation was given at a communist tribute event for Jerry Acosta and Gilbert Cedillo, and a presentation to the honorees was made on behalf of Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  She has worked closely with groups like the Workers World Party front group ACT NOW TO STOP WAR AND END RACISM (A.N.S.W.E.R.), and people like Workers World Party member Abayomi Azikiwe.  She is also connected to the Democratic Socialists of America, Progressive Democrats of America (controlled by the Institute for Policy Studies and Democratic Socialists of America), and the Council for a Livable World (socialist backed anti-U.S. Military group).

In 2009 she admitted she wants to socialize (give government ownership of the means of production) the American oil industry . . . a communist tactic of central ownership and control of private industries.

And now, she's encouraging a Bolshevik style uprising by the people (a workers of the world unite kind of call) to overthrow the current administration through public displays of disruption and resistance because Republican President Donald J. Trump stands in the way of the Democrat Party's socialist political agenda . . .

Congress is looking to censure her.  A spat on the hand is not a severe enough punishment for this kind of behavior.  She has incited violence, and incited a communist revolution.  She should be removed from office, and tried for treason.

People know exactly what she meant, and exactly what groups like "Black Lives Matter", "Antifa," and other progressive thug-groups represent.  They are fearful that because of people like Maxine Waters calling for it, violence is on the horizon.

Meanwhile, in New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old activist and member of the Democratic Socialists of America, has ousted 10-term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in New York's 14th congressional district.

Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev once stated, "The United States will eventually fly the Communist red flag…The American people will hoist it themselves."

Khrushchev was right.  He knew that the psychological warfare being waged inside our own country would eventually sway the way it has.  Through the younger generation the liberal left progressives have been hammering into their skulls communist propaganda since the day they were born, and now that younger generation seems to be poised to hoist that red flag of communism.  However, the day of communist revolution and takeover of the American System is not coming soon enough for Maxine Waters, so she is demanding violence in the streets, and public confrontations, to silence all of those who dare to provide a voice of dissent against the progressive's coming revolution, and overthrow of the U.S. Constitution.  The day is upon us, they believe, and only patriots stand in their way.  Maxine Waters is saying that if you stand against her and the progressives, through public intimidation you will either join the revolution, or be silenced.  This is how communism plans to destroy America.  Through brute force, and public intimidation.

Indeed, the millennials are turning out to be effective Brown Shirts, after all, and Maxine Waters is cheering them on, and calling for them to use confrontation to bully you into silence.

Yes, she, and the Democrats, have gone too far.

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Mike Rossiter said...

Why this so called "Woman" (??) hasn't been arrested for inciting riots or a riot, is beyond me. Maxine is right up there with Hate monger Louis Farakan