Thursday, July 12, 2018

A Real Man

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

A real man is a cheerful giver but does so without boasting. He serves this country and his community, but he does not claim to be a hero.  If others wish to call him that, so be it. If his story while serving was a heroic one in the eyes of the public and they wish it to be told, then tell it. But beating one's chest and demanding attention, or calling oneself great, especially if they've done nothing, is not what being a real man is about. A real man is strong, firm, and confident, without being arrogant or pointing fingers towards himself.

A real man is an anonymous giver, and a beacon of humility.  He serves, but is firm in his stance.  He pays attention to detail, but does not make a big stink out of small problems.  He's kind, yet principled.  He's sensitive, yet fierce when necessary.  He knows when it's time to be compassionate, and he knows when his male aggression must rule the moment.

But, nobody knows he did whatever it was he did to save the day, because he's not pointing fingers towards himself, nor is he preaching about "I" and "me."

He can be depended upon, for he never fails when it comes to his word, or his resolve.

He is a real man.

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