Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Impeach 45 Thrust Ensuring Republican Wins

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Democrat Party leadership, and the candidates running for Congress and state legislative positions, are running on pretty much only one thing . . . that they are anti-Trump.  The Democrats have no platform.  They can't run against the GOP tax cuts, because they know "we want to raise your taxes" would go over like a lead balloon.  Immigration is proving to be a losing argument, as is gun control.  Both issues have a history of being a losing issue for the Democrats.  They test the waters every once in a while, adding a few emotional twists like their latest attempts to use children as human shields in both issues, but as always, it is back-firing on them.  People realize the Democrats don't give a flying leap about the children.  It's just another political ploy.

While they are proud of the 28 year old socialist girl's win in New York, New York and California are pretty much the only places that kind of win is possible for them.  Everywhere else, the hard left communist agenda is not something most voters will consider.  

Most people are against abortion, so that's a losing issue for the Democrats, as well.  And, there's no war for them to oppose, so that's out the window.  All they have remaining is "hate Trump."  Except, as James Carville (in defense of Bill Clinton's presidency) once told us, "It's the economy, stupid."

The fact is, under Trump the economy is roaring, more people are working, and there's more money in most people's pockets.  I can't count how many times I've heard a Democrat say, "Well, I agree with him on the economy, but . . . "

Most voters know that a Trump presidency means a continuance of the economic golden goose, and that Democrats wish to take away that economic boom with their "impeach 45" cries, so, to protect their wallet, they are going to do what they can to protect the golden goose.

In short, while the Democrats think that an anti-Trump stance is what will work for them, the truth is, the cry to "impeach 45" scares most voters.  Even if they think Trump is a racist, they know that his presidency has put more money in their wallets.  Therefore, either we will see many Democrats willing to vote Republican so as to keep the GOP in the majority in Congress, or they will stay home in the hopes that the Republicans can hang on to a few seats without too much interference from Democrat voters.  They don't want to give the Democrats a majority, because if the Dems impeach Trump, it will put in jeopardy the conditions in place that put more money in their pockets.

In short, the Democrat Party's demand to unseat Trump is what is unraveling their chances for a blue wave.  The rantings of people like Maxine Waters is icing on the cake for the Republicans.

Keep it up, Democrats.  Keep making big blue jackasses of yourselves.  It's working out beautifully . . . for the Republican Party.

That all said, "it's the culture, stupid," and "we're sick of the leftist political correctness garbage, stupid," are probably also in play, too.

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