Sunday, July 01, 2018

Temecula Constitution Class Suspended

Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

For over ten years I have been teaching a Constitution Class on Thursday Nights at Faith Armory in Temecula.  Last Thursday, when I showed up to lead the class, there were bars on the windows.  One of the employees opened the door and said, "Sorry, Doug, we're out of business.  We're closing the doors for good."

The students and I went down the street to have milkshakes and discussions at Siggy's.

Since that night, the following developments have emerged:

After conversations with the Chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party, on Wednesday Nights I will conduct a class at the Republican Party Headquarters in Temecula at 6:00 pm.  We have not yet determined which Wednesday will be our launch date.

This morning I will be meeting with a pastor in Fallbrook about opening a class down there on Monday Nights (2nd and 4th Monday Night of each month is my plan).  I will be attending church, this morning, and then having lunch with the pastor to discuss the possibility.

A group in Menifee has shown interest in a class.  If enough persons will be in attendance, I will conduct that class on Thursday Nights.  I will try to get down there today to talk to the group.  They are having a potluck, and if I can get there in time after my meeting in San Diego, I will be there.  According to my conversations with the folks in Menifee, we are looking at possibly using the library for that one, since most of the libraries let non-profits use a room at no cost, or at very little cost.  The Constitution Association is a 501(c)(3).

Once these are in place, I hope you can attend.  All of them will be in the evening, with a 6:00 pm start time.

Check the Constitution Classes webpage for updates.

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