Friday, August 03, 2018

Immigration Video: Reality Reveals Truth

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

"In Los Angeles it is not hard to find people with Democratic (Party) views.  California has voted Democrat in Presidential Elections since 1992.  And, sometimes this city can be a bit of an echo chamber.

"But I come to meet a...Latino stand-up comedian who has some quite surprising views when it comes to immigration.

So begins the video of an interview of comedian Bryan Dey who stands firm on the conservative side of the immigration issue.


"There's a lot of crime committed by Hispanics in's a hard truth that we need to acknowledge...52% of federal crime is committed by Hispanic-Americans...we're 18% of the population committing 50% of federal crime.  That's a big problem...we need to change that within our own culture...when I say this, other Hispanics get upset.  We have to acknowledge this.  We have to be honest.  We have to be honest because that's the only way to fix the problem."

After being asked his opinion regarding Trump building the wall, "You don't think it's a slap in the face to Latinos that he's building the wall on that border, but not the Canadian border?"

"You have to address where the problem is coming from.  Look, if we had a giant influx of illegal Canadians coming in spreading their bad music and stuff, then we should build the wall.  But, it's not.  It's really coming in from Mexico..."

"You don't think Trump has put a target on Mexicans that are in this country by calling them these statements like rapists, and criminals, and drug dealers?"

"Let's address the worst one...You'd have to be an idiot or lie to yourself to think that drugs don't come from Mexico into the United States.  We can go back to customs seizures, we can just look at all the data, most of our heroine, most of our crystal meth, most of our marijuana...the one that really offended people was the rapists comment.  Here's a thing that a lot of Mexicans aren't going to say...Mexico has a huge problem with underage sex...Mexico's age of sexual consent is twelve years old...this is Mexican some [Mexican] states it's puberty...I feel if you're looking to be offended you are going to find whatever you want to be..."

Historically, amnesty causes more damage than good.  It creates an environment welcoming those who do not wish to integrate into American society as Americans.  What makes our culture so prosperous is that we have an exceptional political and economical environment unlike anything in the rest of the world, and when immigrants seek American citizenship, a part of that process is the understanding that they need to assimilate into our way of doing things so as to keep it on its prosperous trajectory.

People who are willing to go through immigration protocols rather than simply leap the border tend to be those who are willing to make that transition.

When we do not vet immigrants by allowing illegal aliens to also become a part of our family, what we are also doing is we are inviting everyone willing to come into our system who prefer not to be vetted.  Therefore, the reality is, mixed into that population of incomers are criminals, rapists, drug runners, terrorists, and so forth.

As individuals, do we not lock our doors, or ask who's there when someone comes knocking?  In our own personal lives we vet who we allow into our homes, and we do not consider those who break in and enter our homes automatic members of the family, so why should we do that at the border?

Terrorism is a real threat.  It exists, and those who practice terrorism wish to come here and kill innocent Americans.  Therefore, would it not be prudent to secure the border, require all immigrants to go through a strict immigration procedure, and limit or restrict persons coming into this country from countries with a known history of supporting aggression against the United States, harboring terrorists, and funding terrorism?  And that goes for any country, Muslim, or not.

Immigration is largely a public safety issue, and folks on both sides (not counting the radical Democrat Party leaders calling for open borders) believe that aliens who have a criminal record should not be welcomed into this country.  If that's the case, how can you guard against those people coming into the country if you don't establish a secure border, and maintain a strict immigration policy that vets everyone coming into the country?

Should we not legally defend our country against foreign enemies, whether they be invaders, criminals, or whatever?  That's why President Trump seeks to build a wall, enforce the laws on the books, and put into place judges who will rule in such a way as to apply those laws to the cases they hear.  Otherwise, we will become overrun by those who seek to harm our country, and that is not only not good for Americans, but it's not good for immigrants who came here the right way and are now being penalized by those who came here illegally because the illegals are taking their jobs, and terrorizing their neighborhoods.

I get it.  Immigration is an important part of American History.  All of us, including Indians, have ancestors who came from the old world.  But, this country will not continue to thrive if we allow into the country those who desire to only draw from the system because they are not going to be productive, or because they are here specifically to be disruptive.  But if we continue down the path the liberal left wants, and we continue to take the fiscal hits that illegal immigration places on our society, the reality is that eventually the burden will become too great, and it will collapse America.  Then, immigrants will have no America to dream of going to, and Americans will become an endangered species ruled over by tyrants who will take pleasure in controlling the ashes of what was once the great United States of America.

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