Saturday, May 19, 2007

And now a few words from our guest. . .

Paul Couterier was the guest tonight on Political Pistachio Radio. He gave us great insight of how the war is viewed from a soldier's perspective. Now, in the form of the written word, he has a few more things to say. The following is an e-mail he sent myself and Kit Jarrell to be posted on our blogs. I am more than happy to oblige.

I’m currently in the Chicago area on business for a few weeks, so on May 19th, Armed Forces Day, I decided to go down to the Navy Pier in Chicago to check out some USO-sponsored events. I’m a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, so I’m familiar with the USO and all the good things they do to support the troops. Upon leaving the Navy Pier I saw a most unpleasant and ugly sight; a mob scene of gutless anti-military extremists seeking to abuse passersby with their hate-filled signs that seek to demoralize my brothers and sisters currently overseas fighting the war on terrorism. As sick to my stomach as I was, I decided to take them on. I wear an “Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran” hat, so I just stood in front of one of their hate-filled signs being held by two of those dirtbags. They spoke first, with one of them asking if I agreed with them; of course I said “NO”. Then I asked one of them if he had ever been to Iraq; the obvious answer was “no”. I them proceeded to tell them that their hate-filled signs and displays are getting my brothers and sisters assassinated by gutless ragheaded terrorists. At that point, one of them decided to change the subject by asking me what do call blacks. (Black, of course) What do I call Jews? (Jews, of course) This idiot obviously didn’t want to deal with the fact that his gutless hate-filled speech gives aid and comfort to his ragheaded terrorists buddies. He was offended by that fact that I described them perfectly; they’re gutless, they wear rags on their heads and faces to hide their identity (especially when they make videotapes of executions of innocent Americans like Nick Berg), and they’re terrorists; there you go, gutless ragheaded terrorists! (What else would I call them?)

While I was there putting those gutless anti-military extremists in their places, two other guys came along to defend me and help me take on these aging hippies, first shaking my hand and thanking me for my service. Also, a woman approached me to thank me for my service and tell me she has two sons in the Marines; these gutless anti-military extremists angered her as well. A few of these dirtbags wore veteran-related hats like my Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran hat. Their hats looked awfully clean, like that had been purchased recently on ebay and just taken out of the box that morning just for this occasion, and worn for the very first time! One guy claimed to be in WWII and claimed to be in the 1st Division. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a liar! If he really DID serve, then he’d be supporting my brothers and sisters overseas, AND THEIR MISSION! One of their signs had that famous ridiculously high number of dead Iraqi civilians that small-brained rosie spouted recently on the “view”. These people obviously have been brainwashed with the usual anti-military doctrine. And these poor excuses for human beings were VERY intolerant, one of them even called me a punk! For the record, I’m in my 40’s, clean-cut type of guy with a developing gut; I hardly look like a punk! One ugly old broad went into a trance and repeated “warmonger, warmonger” over and over again when I asked her a question that she just didn’t want to deal with. I wanted so much to slap that broad all the way across Lake Michigan!

Also while I was taking them on, I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye a young woman holding a microphone and aiming it in out direction. I asked her if she was from the local media; she said they (her and her cameraman partner) were journalism students! What a deal; these extremists are now on some journalism student’s videotape captured forever making fools of themselves! The journalism students didn’t stay too much longer.

I walked down a few more feet where two more imposters wearing veteran hats and holding another sign with anti-military crap on it. I started to engage them, and one of these dopes asked me “would you ever follow a coward into war?”. I replied “I would NEVER follow Bill Clinton”. He repeated the question again, and I replied again, “I would NEVER follow Bill Clinton”. Then this idiot went into some drug-induced diatribe about President Bush never serving (for the record, he served in the Air National Guard back in the 60’s and 70’s as a pilot), and about the so-called “illegal” war and how Iraq never attacked us. So I said to him “Bill Clinton sent troops to Bosnia for no reason; did Bosnia ever attack us?”. After about two seconds, he replied “no”. I then said “Thank you very much” and left! Needless to say, this mob scene of anti-military extremists were BEYOND over the edge! Fortunately for them, nearby was a group of five Chicago police officers who found these leftover hippies from the 60’s just as amusing and entertaining as I did! These officers were watching them VERY carefully to make sure they didn’t turn physically violent! I only wish emotional violence by anti-military extremists was against the law too.

How I wish there had been some Eagles from the Gathering of Eagles there! These anti-military extremists felt emboldened only because there was a gaggle of them together in one place. If any of those cowards had ever encountered me individually somewhere else, they would have turned and walked the other way! I can only imagine what their plans might be for Memorial Day, next weekend. :o(

Anyway, over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about starting my own radio blog; the anti-military extremists I ran into today convinced me to finally do it! I’m in a position where I can speak for the troops, and I intend to use it to speak for the troops as well as discuss other issues. All I need now is a name, and I’m stuck between a few of them. They are;

1. Operation Independence

2. Independent Talk Radio

3. Independent Opinion Radio

Anyone have any other suggestions?

The independence I refer to is political and moral independence primarily (no affiliations with any political party here!) so that’s what I want to emphasize regarding my radio blog. I promise to tell it like it is, with no political correctness from either side! And for me as a Soldier, I need to be politically independent. I took an oath to obey the lawful orders of the President of the United States regardless of what political party he belongs to, even if he’s a draft-dodging, pot-smoking womanizer like the last occupant of the White House was!

I’m looking to do my first show the evening of Memorial Day. I’ll ask callers to tell me what Memorial Day events they went to locally (parades, memorial services, a wreath laying, etc). I’ll be marching in my town’s Memorial Day parade myself. Those of you going to Washington DC for Rolling Thunder or going to West Point with the Gathering of Eagles to take on the anti-military extremists there, I would love to hear from you too, and your thoughts on those events.

Comments of course are welcome, either here or directly to me at paulcouturier1ea@aol.com.


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Sky Dive Rick said...

that's what we need more of - soldiers that are sick of the idiot left and willing to say somehting loudly about it. Looking forward to the show, Paul. How about "Conservative Reset Radio"?

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