Friday, May 18, 2007

Cancer Sucks & Border Patrol Agent's family responds & My Point Radio Tonight!

GMRoper knows about cancer. He was diagnosed with lung cancer, and so far it looks like he's beaten it. Now cancer has decided to visit my home. My son has been diagnosed with testicular cancer (the young man's cancer) at the age of 22. Right now he is in considerable pain and we are doing all we can to get him into surgery as soon as possible. As with any form of cancer, there is a fear of the disease spreading to other parts of his body, in this case, through his lymphatic system. At GMRoper's An Army of Bloggers site, the goal is to unite bloggers in this worldwide battle against cancer. Your prayer is greatly appreciated, and you can just ask Mr. Roper, the power of prayer is amazing. He is proof.

I will keep you updated regarding my son's progress here at Political Pistachio, and at my Christian Site, Carried By Christ.

At one of the sites I contribute to, American Pundit, I posted the story regarding the Border Patrol Agent, Richard Goldstein, that was killed recently near the Salton Sea. The response at that site has been unreal. One response was by the brother of the agent, Howard Goldstein. The following is the e-mail we received from him regarding this story:

"My brother Richard is the border patrol agent who died on Friday. Richard was a great young man who loved his job, his family and his dog Carlo, his partner. He was liked and respected by his fellow agents and loved by his friends and family and will be deeply missed. We all believe what happened to him was an accident and we only hope his death was quick and that he did not suffer. He was instrumental in capturing drug runners and other criminals. He served his country with honor and should be remembered as a hero. Services for him will be held on Thursday in Calif and hopefully on Sunday in Buffalo, NY where he was from. Your prayers are very much appreciated. Thank you."

Our prayers are with him and his family. The photo above was snatched from a site I just now have begun to visit regularly, Of Bullets and Bibles.

My friends over at My Point Radio is having a special Friday Night edition of their show tonight at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern, and I plan to call in during the second half of the show tonight so that I can talk about my son's situation with cancer and how it is affecting our family. During my own show at Political Pistachio Radio I will have an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran on the show, and will talk about my family's newest battle with cancer as well. Tune in tonight to My Point and listen to my good friends (and me during the second half) - and call in to the show, if you'd like. I am sure that Dave and Jenn would love to have you on, and I would love to talk to ya.

God Bless, and don't forget, We know that all things work together for good and His glory.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

Being quite familiar with cancer scares from personal experience, I an actually say I kinda know how your son feels. It's frightening.

Fortunately, these days, cancer is in no way the "death sentence" it was even 20 years ago. Testicular cancer has a very high recovery rate I believe somewhere around 95%.

Your son and all of the Pistachio family are in my thoughts.

gawfer said...

A post on your behalf.

Flag Gazer said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family... God Bless you all.