Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Capt. Ed and Blog Talk Radio on CNN!!!! & Political Pistachio's Schedule for this week - - -

Political Director of Blog Talk Radio and owner of Captain's Quarters talks about the townhall meeting plant:

This Week on Political Pistachio Radio:

Wednesday, November 14 @ 10pm Eastern Time: Gates of Vienna authors Baron Bodissey and Dymphna will be on the show to discuss the Islamization of Europe, America, and the world.

Thursday, November 15 @ 10pm Eastern Time: William Russell will be going up against John Murtha in next years election for a Congressional spot out of Pennsylvania, and he joins us live to talk about it - - - by the way, Mr. Russell is an Iraq War Veteran too!

Saturday, November 17 @ 7pm Eastern Time: Liberal Blogger, and former troll of Political Pistachio, Tom from Tom's Neurosis will come on the show to debate with me the issues that face us in today's political environment - - - Listen Live for the Fireworks!

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