Sunday, February 24, 2008

Things that make idiots angry. . .

Was entering into Iraq a mistake? Some would say so, and others would not. The liberal left seems to think that Islamism is a marginal phenomenon, and fail to understand why Conservatives take the threat of Sharia's creeping advance so seriously. The obvious Islamization of Europe, and the fact that it will be an Islamic continent before long, seems not to concern them. After all, the liberal would argue, war is "Not a game of Risk," and as a result of Iraqi people are dead.

And Bush is a war-mongering, pro-war president that is letting all these people die, right?

I am not a huge fan of George W. Bush. His big spending habit and inability to understand the importance of sealing the border has me perplexed. But one thing I can say about those on the left complaining about all of the death from the war is that they apparently have not looked closely at the facts. Don't get me wrong, I dislike war as much as the next guy, and I mourn the deaths of each and every one of our service members as they bravely fight this necessary war. But if you look at the statistics of U.S. Military losses over the last twenty years you will recognize that Clinton in a non-wartime presidency had an extremely large amount of military deaths on his watch as well.

And these same liberals proclaim that water-boarding is torture, and the continued practice of it must stop!

But have these angry people wondered if the interrogation technique is truly the slippery slope they think it is?

Do you know what the total time the United States has spent waterboarding terrorist detainees is?

Five Minutes.

How many detainees received this method?


A liberal once asked me if I would want the enemy to practice such methods against our American troops.

I replied, "As opposed to the methods the enemy normally uses? Absolutely. Better to be waterboarded than lose limbs, or have your head sawed off as you struggled with the pain."


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