Thursday, May 07, 2009

American Imperialism To Blame

I was cleaning my desk earlier in the day and came across a note I jotted down while listening to the Rush Limbaugh show sometime last year. I do not get the opportunity to listen to every show Rush puts out, but I am glad when the chance comes my way every once in a while. Anyhow, on this day last October, Rush was quoting a Democrat, specifically Alabama's Fifth Congressional District Democrat candidate Parker Griffith, on what Mr. Griffith thinks the real problem with America is. The quote by Parker Griffith was, "I think America's greatest enemy is America and its imperialism. And I think that . . . uh . . . we have nothing to fear from radical Islam. We have nothing to fear from any other religion if we in fact are strong on our own beliefs. I don't fear radical Islam."

My first thought after hearing that just prior to the Presidential election was how interesting it was that Conservatives tend to talk about how exceptional of a nation America is, how fortunate we are to have the liberty we have, and how our freedom must be worked for, and in fact fought for, because there are those that would like to take that freedom away from us. Meanwhile, the Democrats, which are all a bunch of Marxist liberals at this point in time, spend all their time talking about how horrible America is. Heck, Obama just spent a whole trip in Europe and the Middle East apologizing for the United States, as if our exceptionalism is something to be ashamed of. Like we should be sorry for being a prosperous nation.

Griffith, an obvious far left liberal, is convinced that America is an imperialistic monster, just as the Soviets thought, and as Red China believes.

If the United States is so imperialistic, then why is our neighbor to the north, Canada, who is essentially unarmed and largely dependant on us as a trade partner, not a part of the United States? If we are so imperialistic, then why haven't we marched north of the border and invaded Canada? Why go after annexing nations far away when we have a weak and hapless neighbor to the north? Don't get me wrong, I love the Canadians, and the people are wonderful despite the idiots running their government - but if we are so imperialistic, then wouldn't it make sense to go after our weaker neighbor to the north?

In the meantime, Griffith states we have nothing to fear from Radical Islam. America, who has not invaded Canada, is the real enemy. Meanwhile, Islam, which has been expanding nation by nation, while swearing they will bring about the destruction of Israel and The West, is nothing to be worried about. America, who has been the dominant power with nuclear devices, but hasn't used them for any aggressive maneuver, is the enemy; but Islam, who has engaged in worldwide terror since the 7th century, is but a minor irritation that we should have no fear of.

And what is our saving grace if Radical Islam is to try to take us over? According to Parker Griffith we should be strong as long as we stay strong in our beliefs - the same beliefs that the Liberals are systematically destroying as they engage in a plan to replace Christianity with secular humanism.

The reversed brain functioning of liberalism is mind numbing.

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Democrat Candidate Says America's Greatest Enemy is America - Rush Limbaugh

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