Friday, September 11, 2009

Political Pistachio Remembers 9/11 Victim Edward Thomas Earhart

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The 2,996 Project has organized bloggers across the Internet for the purpose of remembering the victims of 9/11. This project is an annual endeavor, with thousands of bloggers remembering the 2,996 victims of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack against the United States of America each year. This year, the person I will be remembering is a fellow Navy man. In this post, in addition to celebrating the life of Edward Thomas Earhart, I also wish to extend my thoughts, sympathy, condolences, and words of love to the family and friends of Petty Officer Earhart, who passed away on September 11, 2001, in The Pentagon.

Aerographer's Mate First Class Edward Thomas Earhart was 26 years old when the 9/11 attack against America happened. He was serving in the United States Navy, and was at The Pentagon when a plane flew into the building at 9:37 am. 184 innocent souls perished in that attack on The Pentagon, their lives stopped short in a senseless terrorist attack against the United States.

A celebration of who Edward was is best relayed by his sister, Andrea Stauter, who wrote: "Ed was an aerographer mate 1st class, the naval rank for a meteorologist, at the Naval Ice Center. He would go before the Joint Chiefs of Staff and help give a briefing on where the aircraft carriers would be. He had to know where the ship was going and follow very precise formulas to figure out historically how thick the ice would be at different times of the year. He learned about icebergs during a year's study on a Coast Guard cutter that went all around the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They had a sign in the office, 'Loose lips sink ships and so do icebergs.' It was an unusual interest but he loved it. He had a picture of an iceberg for a screen saver on his computer."

Edward obviously felt honored to be able to serve his country in the United States Navy, and enjoyed every moment of his service. As a Petty Officer First Class he was the sixth rank up in the enlisted ranks, a rapid feat for someone of only 26 years old. That tells me that he was also an exceptional sailor, and a superior Naval Petty Officer. He, no doubt, touched the lives of everyone he encountered with his excellent military bearing, and hard working nature.

God Bless Edward Thomas Earhart.

We Shall Never Forget.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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