Monday, January 23, 2012

Abiotic Oil Means that Peak Oil Is A Lie

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Oil is not a finite resource.

The idea that oil is not a fossil fuel as we have been told, but that it is a replenishing abiotic substance that originates from the Earth's mantle, is no stranger to Political Pistachio. In 2010, and 2011, I indicated in articles I have written here at Political Pistachio that there is no oil shortage, for oil is abiotic.

The oil crisis is completely made up out of thin air by the politicians because statists need a crisis to do what they want. Otherwise, you would never allow them to act in the tyrannical manner they try to.

Creating oil crisis after oil crisis also assists in the boom-bust cycle the economic engineers have their puppet strings wrapped around.

Now, we are told, due to the limited resource that oil is, and the influence burning oil has on our poor little planet, we must divorce ourselves from what has been the most efficient source of energy for more than a hundred years.

The problem is, the concept of man-made global warming is man-made, and the idea that we are exhausting the fossil fuel resources and have merely decades left before we deplete the supply of oil under the earth's crust, is simply not true.

Amazing how they really expect us to believe what took millions of years to produce, if you believe that oil is a fossil fuel, can be depleted in a mere couple hundred years. And then, these alarmists claim, when the oil runs out, if we haven't found other efficient means of energy, we will suffer the collapse of civilization. Death, famine, war, and a return of humanity to the hunter-gatherers whence we came.

Problem is, for these hysterical leftist statists, is that oil is not a fossil fuel.  It is abiotic.

The idea that oil is a fossil fuel goes back hundreds of years, but the biological roots of oil has been challenged by a number of scientists who have concluded that oil, like coal, and natural gas, replenishes from sources within the mantle of earth.

The Russians discovered this truth during the 1950s and 1960s because they had to. The Soviet Union was cut off from the West's oil supply, so they searched deeper. They looked where nobody was willing to. Now, Russia is among the leading oil exporters.

American oil reserves are massive. Shale oil discovered beneath North Dakota is claimed to have more oil than any of the Middle Eastern oil producers. Shale oil, however, is more difficult to extract, and it has only been recently that we've attained the technology necessary to make extraction efficient enough to be cost effective.

The fear of peak oil has the world powers waging war, fighting over prices, and fighting over trade routes. Yet, in the United States alone we not only have plenty of reserves to take care of us for hundreds of years, even if you believe the fossil fuel theory, but if oil is abiotic as believed by many scientists, we have no reason whatsoever to be dependent upon any foreign oil. Our only limitations are placed on us by ourselves, in our willingness to drill, and how quickly we can process the oil into the products we desire. However, our current administration has placed limits on drilling domestically, and on the construction of new refineries.

If oil replenishes itself, and we won't run out, there is no need for the fighting, or the rising prices. Peak Oil is a concept needed, however, by the folks who want to control the population. Limiting energy use is an easy way to control the populace. Everything ties into energy. Transportation, movement of goods, comfort in one's home, production of food, production of all other products, technology, and on and on and on.

Crisis equals control, and without a peak oil crisis, the statists have little to use when it comes to engineering society into the form they desire.

The concept of peak oil enables the planners to create a false consensus that there is a scarcity of oil, no matter how artificial such a consensus may be. The limitations of oil, as taught by these social engineers, enables them to hold the world hostage.

Don't get me wrong. If there are more efficient sources of energy that can be produced more cheaply, and easily, we ought to pursue them. But for the time being, as the market has dictated, oil is our most efficient means of energy. With the realization that there isn't even any limitations on the production of oil, aside from the limitations we place ourselves, there is no reason for us to allow the statists of the world to dictate to us regarding the availability of oil.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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Jim M. said...

Is there data on how fast abiotic oil is created / replenished? I'm wondering how that rate compares to our usage rate?

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

There are various theories on that. One thing is for sure, previously exhausted oil wells have replenished faster than anticipated, even by those that are in full support of this theory.

Serae said...

It frightens me how little critical thinking this idea is receiving.
1) Peak oil is not when we run out of oil, it's when we can no longer extract enough to meet our needs.

2) If we judged the efficiency of oil use when it was at the stage of development that renewables are at now, we wouldn't give that much thrift either.

3) Abiotic oil - so many arguments as to why it isn't a sound idea, if anyone wants to evaluate it properly it isn't hard to look on the internet - but here's the point that put the final nail in the coffin for me - if oil is formed in the high temperatures of the mantle, why does it begin to break down at only 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit)?