Sunday, February 26, 2012

Obama's War on Religion

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Barack Obama says he's a Christian. To dare and doubt his honesty is grounds for attacks, accusations, and whatever else the liberal left can throw at ya.  His actions, however, are anything but Christian, and actions speak louder than words.

As an Illinois State Senator, Barack Obama voted in a manner that supported partial birth abortion. As President he repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell, has mocked the Bible, and called pregnancy a mistake rather than a blessing. Even his communitarianism opposes the free will offered by Biblical fundamentals.

What is scary about it all is Obama may actually believe he is Christian, or some semblance thereof.  Then again, he may very well be the chameleon we all believe him to be.

The first clue of his anti-faith leanings is the very fact that he is a raging liberal leftist. The liberal democrats oppose Scripture on the social issues, and with his recent attack of demanding that religious institutions offer free contraceptives and abortion-in-a-pill, Obama has shown his disdain for The Church is even more pointed than the majority of his leftist brethren.

The liberal media's attacks against Rick Santorum is another clue, and Barack Obama is right there with them, pointing fingers at him for being too moral.  Santorum's popularity with conservatives is because he is willing to speak up on the social issues. Obama's campaign against religion, or at least religion that is not Muslim, has helped Santorum along, united people of faith against the President.

The nation is mostly pro-family, pro-life, and pro-faith. Even in liberal California Proposition 8, a pro-marriage amendment to the State Constitution, won big. That's why Obama called himself a Christian during his presidential campaign. He knew he couldn't completely alienate people of faith.

Unfortunately, the Republican Establishment believes the liberal rhetoric that speaking about the social issues, and taking a pro-faith position, will scare away voters.  Santorum knows better. Santorum knows it is the fact that faith emanates from his core, and that his faith is genuine, that attracts voters, and frightens the liberal left.

Economics is the angle the establishment wants to attack from, since that is Obama's weakness at this point. Republicans, historically, have been most successful when economics and national security concerns are the primarily addressed issues.  The democrats hold unpopular positions on those issues. That is why Obama campaigned as a tax cutter, and he's trying to convince everyone he is again, now.  He is also using the capture of Osama, and anything else around the world he can muster up.  The democrats also think that it is the social issues that makes the GOP lose, which is why they launched their "Republicans wanna take away your birth control" campaign when they did.

The interesting thing about that theory, however, is that prior to the emergence of the social issues, GOP wins were far between.  Since 1968, when the social issues became a part of the ballgame, the Republican Party has won seven out of the last eleven elections.

The key for conservatives has been that most of the nation is conservative, and the ones that are not completely on board with the GOP's base on the social issues, are conservative enough regarding economics and national security, that they vote republican. By embracing the social issues, Santorum is bringing back into the mix the largest group of conservatives.  This is why moderate republicans like Bob Dole, or John McCain, can't win. The most conservative of the base stays home on election day.

Santorum's advantage, however, is not just that he is a social conservative, but that Obama and his liberal democrat cronies have been revealing their anti-faith agenda.  Chaplains are being threatened with being charged with sedition if they dare preach their Biblical beliefs in opposition to Obama's positions on homosexuality, or abortion.  The Catholic Church is being told by Obama's Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, that despite their religious beliefs, their facilities like schools, charities, and hospitals have to offer, for free, contraceptives to their employees.  Children have been disallowed from praying on the steps of the Supreme Court. A Navy Chaplain was forced to resign because he dared to end a Christian prayer in "Jesus' Name" while in uniform. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently decided it could tell religious denominations who they are allowed to hire and fire as ministers and teachers. With their environmentalism, the leftists come across as worshiping creation over the creator.

Santorum has indicated that he is not questioning Obama's "Christian Faith," but has said that the President's worldview is contrary to what he claims to be, and his adherence to the theology of liberalism is dangerous for this nation.

The fact is, the liberal left's offensive against religious and family institutions is nothing new. From Progressivism to Marxism, The Left has been anti-religious from the start. Government that is all things to all people can't have competition. Allegiance to God keeps people from giving their undying allegiance to big government. Liberalism sees faith as a weakness, as a drag on their authoritarian agenda.

Obama is very much a product of the radical center of the Democrat Party.

Today's democrats, however, don't think they have to hide their ideological core, so they are now operating out in the open, putting anti-faith policies into action, because they believe they have finally reached a majority, and with one more big move, they will stay in power in perpetuity.

Of course, this is nothing new. I have spoken of Rousseau's idea of The General Will on this site before. Alexander Hamilton bought into the madness of the General Will, which calls for a utopian system of collectivism, and the destruction of individuality. The Church was the enemy, according to Rousseau. Free societies were dangerous to the well being of the community, claimed Rousseau.

Obama, and his leftist friends, keep on pushing their anti-religious agenda, and people like Santorum keep benefiting from it. Collectivism loses, in the end, because despite the liberal push for communitarianism, we are all proud individuals with very unique belief systems, and it is no government's right to try to force us into some mindless, homogeneous mass.

Only the fool says that we must all be ruled over by some authoritarian system that has determined God is a myth. Only a fool says only those that are anti-faith should be able to hold political office.  Only the fool denies the importance of faith. Only the fool.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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