Saturday, November 29, 2014

ObamaCare Glitch Blocks Legal Immigrants

by JASmius

I dunno; this seems like more of a blessing than a curse, if you ask me.

One thing we can all agree on is that it is very, very funny:

Immigrants who are eligible for ObamaCare are running into problems when they try to sign up for health coverage on because of safeguards that were put in place to weed out illegal immigrants, the Wall Street Journal reported.

People born outside of the United States who are trying to sign up on are having difficulty proving they are their identities and submitting documents that demonstrate they are in the country legally.

As a result, some are being redirected to Medicaid even though they don't qualify, while others struggle to navigate an online system with a range of glitches, including a failure to verify people without an extensive credit history. Verification is an essential step in creating an account.

"A lot of advocates are frustrated," Angel Padilla, health policy analyst at the National Immigration Law Center, told the Journal.

Well, okay, but really, who cares about legal immigrants, right?  The Obama Regime isn't interested in them; they've already got legal immigrants in their voter fraud bank, as far as they're concerned.  It's illegals they're after, illegals the only immigrants they care about - and then only until they're here and amnestized, after which they'll be tossed on the same pile with their legal counterparts, taken for granted and expected to robotically vote Democrat every election from here to eternity.

And if there are still obsolete protocols in's code excluding illegals, all The One has to do is amend his amnesty decree to give them both full access and preferential treatment above and beyond mere citizens, yes?  After all, King Hussein's pen and his phone can do anything, correct?

Well, almost anything, anyway.  Even the demigod can't fix and make it work like software that wasn't designed for a punch-card-driven UNIVAC, complete with vacuum tubes.  And now it's pissing off the extremists in the very ethnic demographic to which he is most fervently attempting to basely and unlawfully pander.  Almost like Proverbs 16:18 come to life and face-painting Joker makeup on O in his sleep.

Maybe the past summer's illegal influx will start reversing itself once they get the same snootful of the reality of living under Obamunist rule that We, The People, have endured for the past six years.  At least that way it would actually motivate The One to finally build a border fence, the better to keep them, and us, in.

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