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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ferguson "Protestors" Attack Schools, Children

by JASmius

Because, as we're all required to "know" and cowedly acknowledge, black schoolchildren "murdered" Michael Brown, too:

Some school kids may return from break to find classroom windows boarded. Armed criminals struck an elementary school in Ferguson during overnight riots this week.

Resident Renwick Ware said, “Now you’re interfering with the school. You’re messing with the kids’ education now.”

Students at Griffith Elementary already missed extra classes this week. Now they may see boarded windows and missing electronics when the doors open at 8:30a.m. Monday.
Ware said it’s the work of four men in two cars. He said, “They had guns on ‘em and all that and I approached and came out of my driveway, I noticed they were loading stuff up.”

Ferguson Police report stolen electronics, some of which they’ve already recovered. Ware says Ferguson officers and National Guardsmen responded quickly after he drove to a command station to report what he witnessed.

Here's what I wonder, folks: Were there ever any actual residents of Ferguson, Missouri among the "protestors"?  Going all the way back to three months ago when this irrational, incoherent furor began?  Because whatever your take on what REALLY happened between Officer Wilson and "unarmed [drug-fueled, NFL nose-tackle-sized] teenager" Michael Brown on that fateful August afternoon, just exactly how does it advance the cause of "justice" to loot poor, 93%-African-American elementary schools?  Sheesh, I'm actually a little shocked that the "protestors" didn't burn Griffith Elementary to the ground while they were at it.  Because that'd sure show "whitey," wouldn't it?  "Pity us, we're demolishing our own community and irreparably harming our own people, and all "white America" is allowed to do is rebuild it for us, but don't you dare try to stop us from burning ourselves down in the first place, because that's 'racist white oppression'".

Och, my ears are starting to bleed again.  So let's move on to something much more understandable: Ferguson (-sympathizing) "protestors" attacking schoolchildren directly:

Is it “protesting the man” when you attack little kids and make them cry?

It seems that these ignoramus Ferguson protesters think that little kids are a legitimate target when they accosted a Christmas tree lighting ceremony making all the little kids cry. The ceremony was held in Seattle, Washington, on Friday.

Seattle’s mayor, who had been supportive of the protesters, was all over the place apologizing for the idiots who disrupted the tree ceremony.

No, they are not "ignoramuses"; they're racist animals.  They're also moral supremacists.  And most of all, they are bullies, believing that their ubiquitous self-righteousness entitles them to do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want, for any reason they, in their self-imagined wisdom, may choose.  Which apparently includes disrupting a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and terrorizing little kids on behalf of an incident that took place over two thousand miles away.  Something even the ignoramus Mayor of Seattle had the political acumen to realize was a PR disaster in the making for him.

But then, this was Seattle, so there were likely a greater proportion of the children who were white, which means "they had it coming".  Because after all, as we're all forced to accept, white Seattle elementary school kids "murdered" Michael Brown, too.


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