Sunday, September 13, 2015

Germany Overwhelmed By Muslim "Refugee" Influx

by JASmius

To provide some additional perspective, the kind of numbers of Muslims that [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel is talking about taking in are on a par with our own illegal alien problem in the U.S. We absorb a million legal immigrants per year on top of the hundreds of thousands of illegals that pour across the border these days at Barack Obama's engraved invitation, a nationally suicidal policy that is inexorably destabilizing our culture and economy because the sheer magnitude of the influx has overwhelmed our ability to assimilate them all, even if the multi-culties weren't pushing all-out for balkanization instead.

However, the U.S. is, in terms of land area, the third largest nation in the world behind Russia and Canada, with 3,806,000 square miles of territory. Or "elbow room," as the old Schoolhouse Rock jingle used to put it.

Now compare that to Germany: 137,903 square miles - or approximately twenty-seven times less "elbow room" for a Muslim migrant influx fifty percent or more the size of the one that is overrunning our own country.

So, yeah, I imagine Angela Merkel's throwing open the gates to the jihadist hordes will "change her country".

- Me, four days ago.

It's changing it, alright.  And much quicker than she appears to have anticipated:

Authorities in Munich said they were overwhelmed by the influx of refugees streaming into the Bavarian capital, with more than ten thousand arriving on Saturday, and urged other German cities to pull their weight.

Germany has so far taken the lion's share of migrants, admitting 450,000 people this year, with Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to relax asylum rules for Syrians drawing praise from the refugees, but also sharp criticism from domestic allies and counterparts abroad.

In Munich, where more people were expected to arrive overnight Saturday-Sunday, regional officials have sounded the alarm and urged other states in Germany - seen as the promised land by many of those seeking safe haven in Europe - to do their bit.

"We no longer know what to do with refugees," mayor Dieter Reiter said, amid fears many of the new arrivals would have to spend the night outdoors.

Reiter added that he was "very concerned with the developments" noting that if other areas took in several hundred refugees it would "help to avoid chaos".

"Munich and Bavaria can't overcome this great challenge alone," a spokeswoman for the Bavarian authorities said, adding the city was struggling to find beds for all the additional people.

Germany can't overcome this "great challenge" alone, even in the near term.  And culturally speaking, that "great challenge" is just beginning, as only the non-leftwingnuts in that country seem to want to understand and acknowledge:

But at the same time, thousands took to the streets in eastern Europe to voice their opposition to the influx, their numbers dwarfing those attending a handful of pro-migrant rallies.

"Islam will be the death of Europe" chanted protesters at a rally in Warsaw which was attended by nearly five thousand people and began with prayers identifying many marchers as Roman Catholics.

And, of course, the geography of Europe guarantees that it can't be just Germany that suffers from that country's suicidal generosity:

The emergency has exposed deep rifts with the EU, with "frontline" states Italy, Greece and Hungary buckling under the strain and European Commission proposals for sharing 160,000 of the new arrivals in a quota scheme facing resistance from eastern members....

"These migrants are not coming our way from war zones but from camps in Syria's neighbours... So these people are not fleeing danger and don't need to be scared for their lives," hardline Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Germany's Bild daily.

He said Merkel's decision to relax asylum laws had caused "chaos" and accused European leaders of "living in a dream world".

The idea that quotas would work is an "illusion," he said. "The influx is endless: from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Ethiopia, Nigeria. If they are all going to come here, then Europe is going to go under."

That's the reality, ladies and gentlemen.  And no amount of leftwingnut Godwinism is going to change that.

Here's an interesting program exposing how today's Global Jihad was made possible by escaped Nazis during and following World War II.

It's like coming around full-circle, isn't it?

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