Wednesday, September 09, 2015

"Global Warming" Is Legend

by JASmius

Doesn't this sound like the opening premise of every zombie movie you've ever seen?:

French scientists plan to revive a virus that has been dead for thirty thousand years to study what could happen if other ancient dormant viruses reactivate due to global warming.

Which isn't happening and we're actually heading towards a new Ice Age.  But other than that, carry on.

A prehistoric virus, Mollivirus sibericum, was discovered in samples taken from the Siberian permafrost as far back as 2003, reports. It has been dormant since the last Ice Age.

Scientists from the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris said Tuesday that it would reactivate the virus in a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

What could possibly go wrong, right?  Oh, sure, they claim that they'll verify whether Mollivirus sibericum is harmful to animals and humans, although I don't know how they would do that apart from injecting test subjects with it like John Killgore did his "Shiva" plague virus in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

But accidents do happen, as we learned in Stephen King's The Stand.  And, genetically speaking, "Captain Trips" has nothing on this mega-bug:

In the latest case, the virus is considered a "giant" virus because it can be seen by light microscopy, Cnet reports. The genetic structure of Mollivirus sibericum includes more than five hundred genes, according to the PNAS abstract.

By comparison, the influenza virus houses only eight genes. [emphasis added]

What could possibly, you get the point.

And all in service to a rank, roaring fraud and greenstremist pagan fantasy that could potentially unleash a pandemic that could decimate the human race.

Kind of like the "Shiva" virus was intended to do in Rainbow Six.

You'll have to forgive me if I'm less than entirely convinced that that is a coincidence.

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