Saturday, October 03, 2015

Illegal Aliens & The Electoral College

by JASmius

There are, of course, direct illegal alien votes, facilitated by the Immigration Proclamation and the Left's war on any and all State and local voter ID laws.  And illegals break Democrat by a margin of approximately 8-1.

But that's not the only way that thirty million illegals skew the country's electoral system in an unjustly and disproportionately "blue" direction:

The Electoral College awards one elector for each U.S. Senator, thus one hundred of the total, and D.C. gets three electors pursuant to the 23rd Amendment. Those electoral numbers are unaffected by the size of the non-citizen population.

But “the same cannot be said for the remaining 435, more than 80% of the total, which represent the members elected to the House.” Those are allocated based on the U.S. Census, which are reapportioned every ten years to reflect the population changes found in the census.

“That reallocation math is based on the relative “whole number of persons in each State,” as the formulation in the 14th Amendment has it,” authors Paul Goldman and Mark J. Rozell write in Politico. “When this language was inserted into the U.S. Constitution, the concept of an ‘illegal [alien],’ as the term is defined today, had no meaning. Thus the census counts illegal [aliens] and other noncitizens equally with citizens. Since the census is used to determine the number of House seats apportioned to each State, those States with large populations of illegal [aliens] and other noncitizens gain extra seats in the House at the expense of States with fewer such “whole number of persons.

“This math gives strongly Democrat States an unfair edge in the Electoral College,” they continue. [emphasis added]

Because they are magnets for illegal immigration through refusal to enforce immigration laws, "sanctuary cities," etc.  But Goldman's and Rozell's estimate, just to take an example, screening out illegals from the Census would strip California of five House seats, and Washington and Oregon one each.  That's seven fewer locked-in/guaranteed Electoral Votes for the Dems right there.  And given that those seats would be reallocated to States with much lower "non-citizen" populations, and most of those are "red" States, well, you can draw the appropriate conclusion.

It's not nearly as dramatic as padding the Democrats' national popular vote margin by almost twenty-four million votes, but they will take every last ill-gotten advantage they possibly can, any angle at the margins that will put their nominee over the top.  Don't forget, as I'll guarantee you they haven't, that 2000 came down to five hundred thirty-seven votes in Florida.  An extra seven or ten Electoral Votes that makes a post-election war unnecessary, or guarantees victory from it....they'll sure as shinola take it.

And when combined with schemes like the anti-federalist National Popular Vote InterState Compact - which does include California and Washington - it creates a multiplier effect that amplifies illegitimate illegal alien "clout".

And remember, as well, that this trend is only going to get worse, assuming, as I do not, that it ever gets better.

Kinda puts a premium on not "staying home" on Election Day because our candidate isn't "pure" enough, wouldn't you think?

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sa rose said...

I dread to think what that does to Texas electoral votes!