Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Senate Democrats Block Sanctuary Cities Legislation

by JASmius

This is an issue that congressional Republicans are trying to highlight and publicize via Senators Ted Cruz, David Vitter, and their Stop Sanctuary Policies & Protect Americans Act, a bill that would cut off (unconstitutional) federal funding to any State or local governmental entity that is a sanctuary zone for defying federal immigration law (that Obama has long since nullified, but it's the principle of the thing,,,,). And that attempt will fail under the crushing weight of the inevitable Donk filibuster. [emphasis added]

- Me, five days ago


An immigration crackdown bill co-sponsored by the two Hispanic Americans running for president was blocked Tuesday in the Senate by Democrats.

The Republican-led bill pushed by Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida sought to impose new penalties, such as prison time for individual who illegally re-enter the U.S., as well as strip federal grants for "sanctuary jurisdictions" that don't cooperate with federal authorities on immigration enforcement. It was proposed by Senator David Vitter of Louisiana and a total of fourteen co-sponsors.

The procedural vote to begin debate was 54 to 45, short of the sixty needed to defeat a filibuster. Two Democrats—Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Joe Manchin of West Virginia—supported the motion while one Republican—Mark Kirk of Illinois—opposed it.

Not a difficult prediction to make.

Does this mean that Cruz and Rubio and Vitter shouldn't have bothered introducing this bill?  Of course not.  Does this mean Mitch McConnell should get rid of the filibuster altogether since it's a foregone conclusion that the Democrats will do so themselves the next time they're back in the majority?  Absolutely.  Will McConnell ever do so?  Not a chance.  Would a Majority Leader Cruz?  Absolutely.  Has he burned so many bridges within his own party that he'll never escape the back bench no matter how long he's in the Senate?  Absolutely.  Do we then need another seven Senate seats?  Absolutely.  Are we going to get to 61 any time soon?  Not a chance.

Should we hope that President Cruz brings his own pen and phone with him 458 days from now?  That's not a trick question, and your answers will be more revealing than you may think.

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