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Friday, November 20, 2015

40% Of Millennials Favor Repealing The First Amendment

by JASmius

....under the excuse of banning "hate speech," which, of course, means banning all speech they disagree with and don't want to hear, since the adjective "hate" can mean and be applied to anything they choose, and cannot help but be hyper-politicized in an anti-conservative direction.  And, of course, an anti-constitutional direction, since they will never seek a formal constitutional amendment to accomplish this end - that would be far too honest and candid - but by straight statutory means if possible - not likely from a GOP Congress - or via illegal Executive Decrees if necessary, which is eminently practicable in the next fourteen months at minimum, and maybe long beyond.

But whatever happens in the short term, that "long beyond" is the truly terrifying part of this Pew survey:

Note that the older the generation, the less support there is for jettisoning Amendment I.  It's like studying geology by looking at the sedimentary layers in the Grand Canyon; you can see the cultural decay over the past century as socialized education has "progressively" first cut off Americans from their national heritage and knowledge of the founding values of their country as expressed in its founding, governing documents, and then redefined them into something that Americans could be and have indeed been turned bitterly against, to where now a near-majority of the youngest generation to reach adulthood doesn't have the slightest idea what the First Amendment is or what it really means or that "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech" means ALL speech, not just pornography and the speech with which they agree.  Now consider the the generation to come after the Millennials; it's difficult to see how they won't offer majority support to stamping out free speech altogether.

Or will the current campus fascist excesses finally trigger a a near-term pro-free speech backlash?  Jonathan Haidt seems to think so:

I think emotions are going to lead a drive back to rationality. What I mean by that is when you talk to a professor who has been brought up on charges or attacked verbally for saying something innocent — they’re angry. Like a friend of mine, who teaches at a small liberal arts college and once referred to someone “going over to the dark side.” He was called a racist, and warned that such insensitivity would not be tolerated. When those things add up, and when liberal professors are constantly reprimanded or brought up on formal charges despite their good intentions, you get very resentful. And this whole vindictive protectiveness movement is only about two years old…

It’s going to get much, much worse over the next couple years and at that point some universities may start changing policies. By that point, many or maybe most American parents won’t want to send their children to the top universities, and there will be an enormous market opportunity for second-level universities that offer a much less coddled campus culture.

Meh.  Maybe some liberal profs are angry or resentful.  But they'll never admit it or act upon it, because they're also abject cowards, or The New Censorship would never have gotten this far out of hand.  Ditto universities spontaneously growing the balls to stand up to these pampered stormtroopers.  "If they were gonna, they already woulda".  And what makes anybody think that parents will be allowed to retain the choice of opting not to send their kids to be indoctrinated with this racist leftwingnut poison?  Who says there will be any such thing as a university or college at any level that doesn't sport a "coddled" campus culture?  That's the whole point of what's going on at college campuses all over the country right now.  They've got the upper hand and they know it; they're not going to let it be taken away from them, and they've got the power to make that stick.

Do you see the magnitude of what we're up against?  Do you recognize how critically important it is to get this organization off the ground, up and running, and plowing into the fight to reverse this insanity and reestablish the connection between the American people - especially younger Americans - and the knowledge and values of its founding?

Let's get off the schnied, folks.  Or in another twenty years - or sooner - we won't even have the freedom to bitch about the freedom we no longer have.

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