Friday, November 27, 2015

France Arrests Twenty-Four Greenstremists In Advance Of Greenapalooza

by JASmius

Finally, a president boldly and courageously does what should have been done years ago and takes into police custody members of the Marxist-Leninist fifth column criminal conspiracy that is trying to destroy the global economy, leading to mass worldwide poverty, starvation, and death under the demonstrably false pretenses of the biggest fraud in human history, and it has to be....a French communist. It's just not fair.

Parler d'un buzzkill.

But I suppose, as then-Captain Spock once said, that only Nixon could go to China:

French authorities have placed twenty-four [extrem]ists under house arrest ahead of major UN climate warming talks starting near Paris next week, using the state of emergency powers declared after the Paris attacks.

The interior ministry said Friday the measures had been taken to prevent the [extrem]ists from demonstrating ahead of the COP21 conference, but their lawyers and Amnesty International accused the government of abusing the state of emergency.

Am I on Candid Camera on this?  Or Bizarro World?  A communist regime is cracking down on its fellow-travelers in the run-up to a "climate summit" that will, one would think, given them all what they want, and this "Gang of Twenty-Four" want to shut it down because it doesn't go far enough?

Evidently so:

Three of those concerned, who are in their late twenties, are suspected of belonging to the "radical opposition movement", according to information obtained by AFP.

As I understand the lay of the ideological landscape, that is a refinement of the adjective "radical" that has to be employing additional etymological dimensions to accommodate the updated definition.

They are banned from leaving their home town in western France without special police permission, they must report to a local police station three times a day and remain at their homes between 8:00 pm and 6:00 am until December 12th, the day after the talks are due to end.

The interior ministry says the three individuals have caused "serious disturbances to public order" in the past.

Probably not to the level that ISIS did a couple of weeks ago in Paris, though, I'd imagine.  And wouldn't jihadists have a bit more difficulty of a time infiltrating them, presuming there's no ethnic overlap?

I don't think that's President Hollande's primary concern, though; he's most likely attempting to ensure that all the "credit" and "glory" for Greenapalooza doesn't get spoiled or stolen from him by these two dozen "radical oppositionists" who consider him to be too gosh darn "rightwing".

Idiot Francios; doesn't he know that Barack Obama is going to do that?  Maybe "French authorities" should take him into custody as soon as he debarks from Air Force One.

The [extrem]ists' lawyer, Marie Dose, said the state of emergency was being "misused" in their cases.

"This is an attack on the right to demonstrate," she said.

Well, they can always try the Sheldonbot gambit.... long as they don't mind the difficulties with opening doorknobs, holding placards, pushing buttons, or pulling triggers.

At least their shirts would be green.

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