Saturday, November 21, 2015

ISIS Planning Attacks In U.S., Worldwide On Sunday?

by JASmius

Last Thursday he said that ISIS was "contained"; the next day, ISIS mowed down hundreds of Parisians, killing 129 of them.  Two days ago, John Kerry said that al Qaeda had been "neutralized"; the next day, al Qaeda stormed a luxury hotel in the capital of Mali, murdering eighteen people including an American.

Today Barack Obama said that there is no risk or threat from "Syrian refugees," and that he will welcome in "millions (of Muslims) from around the world"

I'd be heading to the fallout shelters by the end of the day if I were you:

- Me, eight and a half hours ago

Son of a bitch:

The hacker group Anonymous said Saturday that the Islamic State plans to attack sites in the U.S., Paris, Indonesia, Italy and Lebanon on Sunday.

In the U.S., the terrorist group is planning an attack at the WW[E] Survivor Series pro-wrestling event at the Philips Arena in Atlanta at 7:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, the International Business Times reports.

And what is the Obama Regime doing with this tip?  Not much:

The FBI said Saturday that it was aware of the alleged threat to the Atlanta event, but lacked "specific or credible information of an attack," FBI Special Agent in Charge Britt Johnson said. [emphasis added]

I wish I could believe that the FBI was just concealing the tip so as to not give away any details off what they actually know and are preparing for.  I do not believe that, however; I cannot.  Nothing out of this bunch the past seven years, but especially the past week, can lead any rational, logical observer to conclude anything other than that the FBI is ignoring Anonymous's warning.

Anonymous has arrived at the same conclusion:

"All proof was submitted to official authorities all around the globe days ago," the group said. "They have it and it is their responsibility to do something with it.

"But because they have not done anything with it yet and it’s almost the 22nd, we have [to take] matters into our own hands.

"We only take the responsibility of warning civilians (in case the authorities do not act well enough)," Anonymous said.

God willing, Anonymous is wrong and nothing happens tomorrow anywhere.  That's the outcome everybody, including them, presumably wants.  But what if they're right?  Simultaneous attacks on three different continents in the same day of unknown size and scope and method, even if they're "just" Paris-sized strikes, would be one helluva statement about the Islamic State's power and global reach, and that they haven't been "contained" at all, but are engulfing the world in its own to-be-shed blood.

If the latter, and tomorrow proves to be an "interesting day," I almost can't wait what Barack Hussein Obama will have to say about this runaway ISIS global offensive next.

Exit prediction: Assuming this is all legit, the Paris, Indonesia, Italy, and Lebanon attacks will be thwarted due to local officials taking the Anonymous warnings deadly seriously, but the Survivor Series will be blown to merry hell.

I guess we'll find out in twenty-three hours, one way or the other.

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