Sunday, November 29, 2015

More British Believing In Actual Climate Science

by JASmius

Which is to say, they're no longer buying the anthropogenic global warming poppycock:

The British public has begun to doubt that human activity is the cause of global warming, according to a Sky News poll.

The poll shows almost 20% of those surveyed think natural processes are the cause of climate change. Just two years ago, [93% of] Brits believed climate change was caused by humans, Sky News notes.

Sooner or later, after you push and fearmonger a fraud long enough, you just can't keep your suckers distracted forever.  Eventually they look around and see that the emperor has no clothes, that all the apocalyptic predictions of imminent, cataclysmic doom have not and continue to not materialize, that there's no actual scientific evidence for any of it, and start realizing that they're being taken for a ride, bilked, swindled, deceived.  Why should they consent to having their standard of living crashed, be herded into caves, give up modern lifestyles for a fictional scenario that doesn't exist and is not going to happen?  To say nothing of so corrupting and politicizing science itself that it will be unwilling to warn us of genuine, non-anthropogenic climate changes to come over the next generation.

20% is still a tiny minority, but if this scientific awakening continues in the U.K., it'll be a majority by 2020.  And, heck, the British are already seeing the light on "green energy", and fiscal matters in general:

[British Prime Minister David] Camerson may have a hard time convincing his own countrymen to join the effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions since 54% oppose taxes on gasoline, electricity and imported food. Slightly more than one third support such taxes.

Take the advice I gave you a week ago, Mr. Prime Minister: Stay home in your nice, warm, toasty isles this week, stoke the resurrection of science in your country, and send a much-needed, overdue message to the greenstremists that their time is up.  You'll be doing all of humanity a bigger service than you realize.

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