Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Obama Orders Illinois High School To Allow Boys To Use Girls’ Locker Rooms

by JASmius

I suppose I could have included this story in the Obama's Royal Circumventions post, but I stand-aloned it out of the sheer surreality of a U.S. presidential administration actually ordering a local school district to embrace and enforce peeping-tom-ism under "transgenderism" camouflage - to say nothing of "transgenderism" itself - on top of (no pun intended) decreeing boys into girls' locker rooms and lavatories at the same time that its feminazi allies are still shrieking about America's mythical "rape culture," especially on college campuses.


....really has become  Bizarro World:

Federal [re-]education authorities, staking out their firmest position yet on an increasingly contentious issue....

Which this imperial decree will make even more contentious.

....found Monday that an Illinois school district violated anti-discrimination laws when it did not allow a transgender student who identifies as a girl and participates on a girls’ sports team to change and shower in the girls’ locker room without restrictions.

Because that would be stark-raving lunacy that would trample all over women's rights.  As well as against any and all now-eviscerated standards of decency and common sense.

[Re-e]ducation officials said the decision was the first of its kind on the rights of transgender students, which are emerging as a new cultural battleground in public schools across the country.

Oh, it's not the first of its kind by any means; just the first Obama diktat on this particular "contentious" issue.

In previous cases, federal officials had been able to reach settlements giving access to transgender students in similar situations.

i.e. The local school districts caved.

But in this instance, the school district in Palatine, Illinois, has not yet come to an agreement, prompting the federal government to threaten sanctions.

The Palatine, Illinois, school district hasn't lost its collective f'ing mind and is taking a stand for decency and common sense, and the Regime will bureaucratically vaporize them for it.

The district, northwest of Chicago, has indicated a willingness to fight for its policy in court.

And now the Obama Regime is illegally preempting the federal court and forcing its will on Palantine directly.  Which is curious, since the federal court would almost certainly rule against the latter anyway.  Why is O being so impatient about it?

The [Re-]Education [Commissariat] gave thirty days to the officials of Township High School District 211 to reach a solution or face enforcement, which could include administrative law proceedings or a[n Inj]ustice [Revenge & Coverup Commissariat] court action. The district could lose some or all of its Title IX funding.

Aaaaaaand now we see, spectacularly illustrated for the whole world to see, the purpose of Title IX and all other manner of unconstitutional federal funding to State and local governmental entities: Coercion.  Force.  "WE OWN YOU"....


To which Palantine school officials....will probably cave.   But to which Palantine school officials ought to say....

"....and keep your bleeping Title IX chains.  And when all manner of extracurricular activities start drying up and our constituents want to know why, we'll just tell them the truth: That you perverts insisted that we allow mentally ill freaks and ill-disguised sexual predators into their young daughters' naked midst.  And if they decide that's A-OK-okey-dokey, then they can oust us and 'insert' replacements who will do your tyrannical, unhinged bidding.   But we will not be a party to it."

Or perhaps find sources of private sector funding to take the place of Title IX.  That would work even better.  Because breaking that chain is the only way that local school districts with balls, like Palantine, Illinois, will make any progress from freeing themselves of this despotic, Sodom & Gomorrah-seque lunacy.

They'll also have to defy the aforementioned unconstitutional federal court orders.  But that's another post.

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