Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rubio: Don't Just Close Down Mosques

by JASmius Trump has suggested.  With which I whole-heartedly agree, although the idea has the unmistakable look of one that has come before its time, and therefore probably isn't intended as a serious policy proposal but as red meat for the GOP base.  That's unquestionably why Trump is touting banning mosques and now even broaching the notion of requiring Muslims to register with the federal government   It's textbook Trump in terms of both saying outrageous things and conforming the Republican Party to every last vicious leftwingnut stereotype of it ever conceived and accused.

The fact that Rubes is jumping on this bandwagon lends it credibility, but there won't be any public support for closing mosques and such until after the ISIS nuclear 9/11, if then.

Which is tragic, because that might actually help avert such a cataclysm:

The United States shouldn't be concerned only with shutting down mosques, as GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump suggests, but any place promoting Islam, says one of his [rival]s, Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

"It's not about closing down mosques," Rubio said Thursday on Fox News Channel's The Kelly File. "It's about closing down any place, whether it's a cafe, a diner, an Internet site – any place where [Muslim]s are being inspired."

Note how Rubes transitions the discussion to where the focus should be directed.

The bigger problem, Rubio said, is the United States' inability to find out where such places are because intelligence programs have been crippled by NSA [and Obama-aided and -facilitated] leaker Edward Snowden and "by some of the things that this president has put in place… to diminish our intelligence capabilities."

To say nothing of digging in his heels and resisting any security enhancements or even pausing the Regime-engineered huge influx of "Syrian refugees".  It's almost as if the man named Hussein has pro-jihadist leanings or something.  Which he clearly does.

That is what must be pursued, that is what must be relentlessly pointed out, that is what must be constantly accused.  Why is Barack Obama so overtly and obviously pro-Muslim, anti-Semitic, and anti-Christian?  And what are the national security perils that stem from it?  We saw them again last Friday in Paris, and they are inevitably coming (back) here.  Closing mosques and registering Muslims can help prevent that.  Ipso facto, why are we not doing so?

Leftists will call that "fearmongering," but in truth, fear is the rational response to real danger.  And the federal government's first constitutional duty is to protect the American people from real danger.  And this, Barack Obama will not do.

This is what Marco Rubio is saying.  'Tis a pity nobody will hear it until after it's too late.

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