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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Top ObamaCare Official Scrambles For New Lies As Insurer Complaints Grow

by JASmius

I'd have used the Godzilla facepalm pic here, but I already used it on the last post.

Still, behold the tiresome absurdity of government "experts" trying to run the most complex organism this side of temporal quantum physics, a "free" "market":

To reduce turbulence in ObamaCare’s fledgling insurance [cartel]s....

i.e. They still don't work.

....the Obama administration’s top health official....

i.e. The "head of the 'market'". pushing to get more information to consumers about what they’ll actually pay for health care, which can include out-of-pocket costs as well as premiums.

How the hell would she know?  Their stupid website is still in beta two-plus years later, there subsidy outlays are all over the place and all wildly off target, they've managed to make premiums and deductibles directly proportional, which had always been assumed to be impossible since they're supposed to be inversely proportional....

I need couple more Hydralazine.

The changes are meant to help people choose coverage that fits their needs when up-front premiums and out-of-pocket costs are added together, Health & Human Services [Commissar] Sylvia Mathews Burwell said during an interview at Bloomberg News’s Washington bureau.

But ObamaCare-approved policies are all one-size-fits-all comprehensive plans, which means they're designed to NOT fit people's needs by definition.  That's why millions of individual policies were taken away from their holders after O promised them they could keep the plans they had that DID fit their needs.  If meeting consumers' needs was a priority for these animals, they would have left well enough alone.

Cases of patients signing up, paying for a time, and then dropping out of ObamaCare have plagued insurers like United Health Group, Inc., which is debating whether to exit the government-run [cartel] to avoid more financial losses.

“Many people came into the system very focused on premium only, and then learned about total cost,” Burwell said Monday. “We think total cost is important, and we’ve been driving the consumer to understand that.”

Why in the world would "the consumer" need to be concerned with the cost of something that was sold to them as being "free"?  The whole system is deliberately designed to discourage cost-consciousness in the same way that it was designed to drive the cost curve through the roof instead of "downward".  Besides, it's not as if "consumers" are in this "market" by choice; they're captives in a healthcare gulag they're not allowed to escape.

I will acknowledge that it's difficult to feel too much sympathy for "insurer's complaints" given that insurers were so gullibly duped into backing the Unaffordable Care Act on the same pie-in-the-sky horseshit promises that the public at large (sort of) largely did not buy.  The private carriers thought they were going to reap a windfall ransom from all the young, healthy people that would be extorted into paying for all the old and sick people that would stampede to "buy" (with our money) insurance, but chose not to notice the little detail that the Individual mandate penalty was substantially less than even the lowest level ObamaCare policy premium.  Now even UHC is getting raped and pillaged, and they are, with belated rationality, opting to cut their losses.  And when they do bail, the jail of providers will shrink, premiums and deductibles will continue to skyrocket, no "approved" policy will be "affordable" regardless of subsidy levels, the "government market" will collapse, the death spiral will be complete, and the affected portion of the American public will blame.....the "greedy" health insurance companies.  And the double irony will be that that will not be a wholly inaccurate condemnation.

Hey, O can't "run" a market and doesn't know a blessed thing about heath care, but he's a grand master at running political scams.  There, he is the antithesis of "incompetence".

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