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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s “Rahm Problem”

by JASmius

Nine days ago, the "Ferguson Effect" hit Chicago over the police-shooting death of a (switchblade-armed, high-as-a-kite-on-PCP) black teenager by an "overenthusiastic" white cop, and #BlackLivesMatter extremists weren't sparing Mayor Raum Emanuel from their wrath, accusing him of burying the police car dashcam video of the incident until months after he was safely reelected to a second term.  Five days ago, Mayor Emanuel fired the police chief whose back he had assured him he had literally hours earlier, but that didn't sate the BLM jackals, as now a recall petition is already circulating and filling up with black signatures so rapidly that the architect of the 2006 Democrat congressional midterm election sweep has to be hoping that they kill enough of themselves off in his "gun-free-zone" city to prevent the total from going over the top and putting it on the special election ballot.

But remember what else Raum Emanuel has on his resume, aside from being  Barack Obama's first White House Chief of Staff: he is a charter-member Clintonoid and capo of La Clinton Nostra.  And his plight is, therefore, another headache for the Empress and her presidential obsession.  Whatever is she going to do about this?

Knowing what we know about the old puffgut, the answer ought to be obvious: Throw Emanuel under the bus in a Windy City minute.  But, at least for right now, that isn't what she's doing:

Democrat presidential [candidate] Hillary Clinton says she still has confidence in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, amid controversy surrounding the delayed release of a video that showed Chicago police shooting a black teenager last year.

[Mrs.] Clinton responded “I do” when asked whether she stood by Emanuel, who is a veteran of both the Obama and Clinton administrations.

“He loves Chicago and I'm confident that he's going to do everything he can to get to the bottom of these issues and take whatever measures are necessary to remedy them,” she told reporters Friday in Iowa, according to Bloomberg.

One explanation for this vote of confidence may be another surge of complacency that she's got the Donk nomination in the bag, which wouldn't jibe with the mixed signals she's been sending out in scattershot fashion over the past few weeks.  After recently groveling before the #BlackLivesMatter mob when they hijacked one of her campaign rallies, this would be a serious crossing of them, something that one would think would be anathema to a candidate who is going to need pretty much 100% rabid black turnout, both in the Democrat primaries and a hypothetical general election.  And she does suffer from an acute pigmentation deficiency, after all.

But so far [Mrs.] Clinton, who vowed to “replenish our depleted reservoirs of trust” between law enforcement and [colored] communities, has only said, via a spokesman, that she is “deeply troubled” by the shooting and “the outstanding questions related to both the shooting and the video.”

As to Emanuel? “She knows Mayor Emanuel loves Chicago, and is sure he wants to do all he can to restore trust in the Chicago Police Department.”

Asking the mayor who spent four hundred days eroding that trust to help restore it now that he’s been caught is stationing the fox outside the hen house.

If [Mrs.] Clinton is serious about black lives — and not just black votes — this is a moment of truth.

Why would the Ugly Dutchess be all but assuring her eventual defeat, either for the Democrat nomination or next November, by this, from a traditional Clintonoid point of view, misguided show of personal loyalty?

Simple: at least potential blackmail:

Hillary can’t just mouth the right lines for those supporters as she does on so many other issues. The ties between Rahm Emanuel and the Clintons go back far too deeply and, as it’s often described in politics, he knows where all the bodies are buried. (Some only half jokingly suggest that might be literally true.) If Rahm remains on the hot seat or, worse, faces a recall, everyone will want to know if he has [Mrs. Clinton]’s support. If she throws him under the bus he could be a very unpleasant enemy to have, assuming he feels like becoming petulant about it.

That is what I believe is being negotiated behind the scenes.  And it's a function of who has more on whom - greater leverage, IOW.  If La Clinton Nostra has it over Mayor Emanuel, he'll fall on his sword and let himself be politically destroyed; if he has it over Herself, she'll stand by him to the end and almost certainly forfeit her life's dream and ambition and the power she's always insatiably craved.

It's a pity that collectivist bargaining process can't be put on pay-per-view.  I know I'd pay to see it.

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