Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Obama: Destroying The Global Economy An Economic & Security Imperative

by JASmius

Here is a nominally new and novel theory/school of thought about Barack Hussein Obama: Maybe the man is insane.  Nuts.  "Mentally irregular".  A couple cans short of a six-pack.  A few fries short of a Happy Meal.  Elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.  Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Marxist-Alinskyist blind-guide ideological zealot.

If any of y'all have a better suggestion after this latest crazy nugget from Paris, I'm all ears:

Barack Obama said on Tuesday the world needs an enduring framework for addressing climate change....

The long-dreaded one-world government that, of course, he would take over after January 20th, 2017?

....and that he would seek an agreement that would boost economies as well as help the planet's environment.

Fundamentally incompatible objectives.  Which tells you which one he truly favors.

A strong climate pact would send a signal to researchers....

....that their taxpayer gravy train will roll ever onward.

....and investors that change is necessary....

i.e. Mandatory with stiff jail time for non-compliance.

....and will spur energy innovation, Obama said at a news conference at the U.N. global climate summit in Paris....

Like frak it will.  Any innovation comes from the profit motive; it's the very definition of capitalism.  "Investors" aren't going to innovate crap if they can't get a substantial return on their investment, not with an Obamunist gun jammed against their temples.  And the long, dismal, multinational litany of unsustainable "green/clean" energy fiascos proves it, which is why the British have finally wised up and are pulling the plug on that odious corporate welfare leftwingnut boutique hobby horsery, even as The One obstinately persists in touting it.

Which is to say, "innovation" means "nationalization of the U.S. energy sector."   Beats me what's taking him so long.  He does have a pen, doesn't he?

Obama said rising seas and warming climates could be drain on economic resources.

No, it wouldn't.  A warmer climate means more arable land, longer growing seasons, more food, lower energy demand, more prosperity - if governments will get the hell out of the way and allow it.

But, of course, the climate is getting steadily cooler, not warmer, which really will be a drain on the remaining economic resources which O is hell-bent on eradicating with this fairy tale.

"This is an economic and security imperative that we have to tackle now," he said.

We'd be better off if somebody tackled him and dragged his thrashing carcass and those of all his fellow-travelers off to either the loony bin or jail, whichever is closer.

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